3rd Magistral Ciudad de Asunción Copa Roggio

Ivan Morovic and Eduardas Rozentalis sharing lead after round seven

The Chilean GM Ivan Morovic Fernandez and Lithuanian GM Eduardas Rozentalis continue with exciting race for the winner’s trophy at the 3rd Magistral Ciudad de Asunción Roggio Cup.

Eduardas Rozentalis, who on this day celebrated 47th birthday, played his favourite Tarrasch variation against IM Fernando Cubas’ French Defence. The position was balanced after the opening phase, but Rozentalis played better in the middlegame, accumulated small advantage and eventually converted into the full point.

Morovic – Mareco saw a Queen’s Pawn opening in which white obtained development advantage, earned material and finally a victory, although Mareco missed better continuation.

IM Nahuel Diaz and GM Andres Rodriguez met across the board for the first time and the game started as Modern Defense. Instead of defending himself, Rodriguez chose to sacrifice a pawn in order to open the files near the White King, and then he gave another, but Diaz declined all the threats and won the game.

Diaz is alone on the third place and needs only one point from the last two rounds to make a GM norm. His rivals will be Morovic and GM Axel Bachmann.

Paraguay Rozentalis

Eduardas Rozentalis

Paraguay Bachmann vs Zambrana

Axel Bachmann vs Osvaldo Zambrana

Paraguay Morovic vs Mareco

Ivan Morovic vs Sandro Mareco

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Round 6 results:

GM Rodriguez Vila Andres – GM Rozentalis Eduardas ½ – ½

IM Cubas Jose Fernando – GM Delgado Ramirez Neuris 1 – 0

IM Kropff Ricardo – GM Bachmann Axel ½ – ½

GM Zambrana Oswaldo – GM Morovic Fernandez Ivan 0 – 1

IM Mareco Sandro – IM Diaz Hollemaert Nahuel 0 – 1

Round 7 results:

IM Diaz Hollemaert Nahuel – GM Rodriguez Vila Andres 1 – 0

GM Morovic Fernandez Ivan – IM Mareco Sandro 1 – 0

GM Bachmann Axel – GM Zambrana Oswaldo 1 – 0

GM Delgado Ramirez Neuris – IM Kropff Ricardo 1 – 0

GM Rozentalis Eduardas – IM Cubas Jose Fernando 1 – 0

Round 7 standings:

1 GM Rozentalis Eduardas LTU 2618 – 5.5

2 GM Morovic Fernandez Ivan CHI 2552 – 5.5

3 IM Diaz Hollemaert Nahuel ARG 2451 – 5.0

4 GM Zambrana Oswaldo BOL 2504 – 3.5

5 GM Bachmann Axel PAR 2563 – 3.5

6 GM Rodriguez Vila Andres URU 2502 – 3.5

7 IM Cubas Jose Fernando PAR 2462 – 3.0

8 IM Mareco Sandro ARG 2535 – 2.5

9 IM Kropff Ricardo PAR 2300 – 1.5

10 GM Delgado Ramirez Neuris COL 2595 – 1.5

Round 8 pairings:

GM Rodriguez Vila Andres – IM Cubas Jose Fernando

IM Kropff Ricardo – GM Rozentalis Eduardas

GM Zambrana Oswaldo – GM Delgado Ramirez Neuris

IM Mareco Sandro – GM Bachmann Axel

IM Diaz Hollemaert Nahuel – GM Morovic Fernandez Ivan

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