Arkadij Naiditsch – Zahar Efimenko Match Started

Six-games match on 12-18.08.2010 in Mukachevo, Ukraine

The six-games chess match between German top player Arkadij Naiditsch and Zahar Efimenko of Ukraine is taking place on 12-18.08.2010 in Mukachevo, Ukraine. Following the opening ceremony at the Transcarpathian Regional State Russian Drama Theatre, the first game in which Efimenko led white pieces was played Thursday.

After the Catalan opening, the players quickly reached an interesting endgame with Bishops and a pair of Rooks on each side. In order to further simplify the position, Naiditsch forced the exchange of the Bishops but allowed white to create a passed pawn. Nevertheless, he had sufficient counterplay and dully maintained a draw.

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Mukachevo 3

The beginning of the first game

Mukachevo 1

(All photos courtesy of Petro Parovinchak)

Mukachevo 2

Mukachevo Children

The Transkarpathian Cup for children is also ongoing in Mukachevo

Mukachevo concert

Concert at the opening ceremony

Mukachevo mayor Zoltan Lengyel

The players with Mukachevo Mayor Zoltan Lengyel

Mukachevo Alexander Galay

The players with President of the Zakarpattia Regional Chess Federation Alexander Galay

Mukachevo Playing-hall

The playing hall is ready for the first game