Arkadij Naiditsch – Zahar Efimenko Match

Naiditsch leading 2-1, the match resumes on Monday

The six-games chess match between German top player Arkadij Naiditsch and Zahar Efimenko of Ukraine is taking place on 12-18.08.2010 in Mukachevo, Ukraine. After the first three games, the players took a day off on Sunday.

Naiditsch is currently leading 2-1, after a neat victory with White pieces against the ultra-solid Berlin Wall. The games in which Efimenko led White, first and third, both saw systems with fianchettoed Bishop on g2 and both finished in draw. The match resumes with game four on Monday.

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Mukachevo g3

The beginning of the third game


Cup for the match winner (All photos courtesy of Petro Parovinchak)

Mukachevo Opens

Winners of the Open Tournaments – IM Danill Shkuran (Open A1), Yury Korobov (Open A2) and Oleg Goncharov (Open D1)