Silvio Danailov announces his program

Team spirit for ECU

Silvio Danailov has announced his campaign program for the European Chess Union candidacy, as the initial “I know…” slogan became “We know…” in the spirit of team play. In a press release Danailov’s team announced, “Each member of the team is experienced in the different, yet essential, fields of business, finance, management, media and in all aspects of chess (organization, arbitration and even playing…). It is for this reason that we chose slogan “WE KNOW…” for our campaign. We do not offer futile promises, but to put our previously obtained results and experiences to the service of leading such a serious organization like European Chess Union.”

This is the first program released for the ECU campaigns. No activity has been seen by Ali Nihat Yazici, while Robert von Weizsäcker has serious internal problems in the German federation. As the press realese from Germany states, financial issues will not permit some of the best German chess players participate in the Chess Olympiad.


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