Tata Steel 2011 chess set

Schaaksite.nl with a predictions contest

Tata Steel Chess set

The chess set for Tata Steel

Schaaksite.nl, a Dutch site for chesslovers, announces a competition connected with the Tata Steel Chess Tournament in January 2011 to win three Rotterdam Chess Sets. Predict the winners of the three groups A, B and C (name and number of points, to be given for each group A, B and C), closing date is 13th of January 2011.

Teun Koorevaar announces the competition: “Among the best predictors we have a lottery to give away three sets of the new Rotterdam Chessgame. Announcement of the winners will be on the last day of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament. The chess pieces represent striking buildings of Rotterdam architecture.”

King: Euromast, observation tower

Queen: Erasmusbridge, with swanlike curve

Rook: The Maas building, called after the river Maas

Bishop: World Trade Center

Knight: Shipping and Transport College

Pawn: Cube houses

The set has just arrived on the Rotterdam market and is a collectors item. Everyone is welcome to join the contest (free of charge). Send your predictions to: Tataschaaksite@gmail.com

Tata Steel Chess set