GM Vlad-Christian Jianu Wins Arad Open

9 rounds, 123 players, 6-12th August in Arad, Romania

The third Arad International Open tournament concluded this morning after six days of intense fighting over the chess board. GM Vlad-Christian Jianu collected 7.5 points from nine games and claimed a clear first place to earn 800 EUR prize from the total of 4000 EUR allocated for this event.

Romanian players, top rated GM Gergely Szabo, GM Levante Vajda, who had a furious finish after the sixth round setback, and GM George-Gabriel Grigore shared the second place with 7.0 points each. The top finishers in seven rating groups, from unrated to 2300, were also awarded.

Arad is a beautiful city with nearly 200.000 inhabitants, located in north-western Romania, on the banks of river Mures, near the border with Hungary. There is no street rush, no traffic jams, the atmosphere is peaceful and pleasant, and local folks, despite few English-speakers, are always friendly and ready to help. The participants were accommodated in the cozy Coandi Hotel, with a private beach on the river, and the playing venue was in Culture Palace, one of the most representative buildings for visitors of Arad, where over time they performed Richard Strauss, Bela Bartok or George Enescu.

Vlad-Cristian Jianu

GM Vlad-Christian Jianu

Sah Arad 5

The Culture Palace

hotel coandi arad

Coandi Hotel

Round 9 top results:

GM Szabo Gergely-Andras-Gyula – GM Jianu Vlad-Cristian ½ – ½

GM Grigore George-Gabriel – IM Ardelean George-Catalin ½ – ½

GM Sanduleac Vasile – GM Mekhitarian Krikor Sevag ½ – ½

GM Vajda Levente – IM Bogdan Dan 1 – 0

FM Leviczky Tibor – IM Cioara Andrei-Nestor ½ – ½

Kelly Ladislau-Endre – GM Sergeev Vladimir 1 – 0

FM Petrisor Adrian-Marian – CM Prunescu Claudiu ½ – ½

CM Garbea Bogdan – CM Turcu Iulian ½ – ½

I Lupascu Matei-Alexandru – CM Chifor Ovidiu-Emanuel 0 – 1

CM Stanciu Alexandru-Ovidiu – WFM Traistaru Teodora 1 – 0

FM Rusan Paul – CM Popa-Matei Viorel-Ovidiu 1 – 0

Final standings:

1. GM Jianu Vlad-Cristian ROU 2504 – 7.5

2-4. GM Szabo Gergely-Andras-Gyula ROU 2568, GM Grigore George-Gabriel ROU 2532 and GM Vajda Levente ROU 2505 – 7.0

5-13. GM Sanduleac Vasile MDA 2451, CM Stanciu Alexandru-Ovidiu ROU 2261, GM Mekhitarian Krikor Sevag BRA 2511, IM Ardelean George-Catalin ROU 2514, FM Leviczky Tibor HUN 2393, IM Cioara Andrei-Nestor ROU 2427, CM Chifor Ovidiu-Emanuel ROU 2264, FM Rusan Paul ROU 2254 and Kelly Ladislau-Endre ROU 2223 – 6.5

14-23. IM Bogdan Dan ROU 2356, FM Petrisor Adrian-Marian ROU 2331, CM Turcu Iulian ROU 2232, CM Garbea Bogdan ROU 2268, CM Prunescu Claudiu ROU 2246, IM Florescu Codrut-Constantin ROU 2172, CM Horvat Dan-Sebastian ROU 2148, WFM Sgircea Silvia-Raluca ROU 2198, Jakovlev Juri EST 2090 and Ungureanu Sandu ROU 1117 – 6.0 etc

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Sah Arad Krikor Sevag

GM Krikor Sevag Mekhitarian

Sah Arad Anastase

Roberta Anastase, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania, visited the tournament

Piano Liszt

The piano on which Franz Liszt performed in Arad is displayed in one of the halls at the Culture Palace

Sah Arad garden set

The garden set in the park adjacent to the Culture Palace