Brunei 2011 IM Chess Tournaments

26 February to 9 March 2011, at the Brunei Chess Centre in Bandar Seri Begawan

The Brunei Chess Federation (BCF) is organizing International IM tournaments, two back to back ten player round robin tournaments from 26 February to 9 March 2011, at the Brunei Chess Centre in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. Four countries and six internationally titled players are participating in the two tournaments, from Vietnam, Philippines, Uzbekistan and Brunei.

Brunei 2011 IM Tournament 1 and 2 will feature Grand Master Nguyen Anh Dung (Vietnam), International Masters Nguyen Van Huy (Vietnam), Oliver Barbosa (Philippines), Yap Kim Steven (Philippines) and Khamrakulov Dzhurabek (Uzbekistan). FIDE Master Yee Soon Wei (Brunei) and long standing junior talent Md Aliuddin bin Hj Azahari (Brunei) are expected to be the main contenders for IM title norms.

Brunei 2011

Participants in Brunei 2011 International IM Tournaments

In IM Tournament 1, young Jahongir Vakhidov (Uzbekistan) joins veteran Hj Md Baharuddin bin Hj Mohd Sulaiman (Brunei) and Zukkernain bin Abidin (Brunei) to complete the field while in IM Tournament 2, veteran Pg Hj Mohd Limbang (Brunei) together with young Md Siraj Munir bin Ahmad and his brother Munir Azizi (Brunei) will participate.

Full player list (Tournament 1):

GM Nguyen Anh Dung VIE 2508

IM Khamrakulov Dzhurabek UZB 2479

IM Barbosa Oliver PHI 2461

IM Nguyen Van Huy VIE 2449

IM Yap Kim Steven PHI 2395

Vakhidov Jahongir UZB 2295

FM Yee Soon Wei BRU 2285

Hj Sulaiman Hj Md Baharuddin BRU 2223

Abidin Zukkernain BRU 2179

Hj Azahari Md Aliuddin BRU 2061

Brunei 2011 1

Brunei 2011 IM tournament opening move by BCF President Hj Zainal Abidin bin Ali

From 25th to 27th February BCF organized the 27th National Day Rapid and Blitz tournaments. Total of 51 players from 6 countries participated in both tournaments. Rapid tournament was won by IM Khamrakulov Dzhurabek (Uzbekistan) with 7.5 points from 9 games. Top 6 players:

1. IM Khamrakulov Dzhurabek (Uzbekistan) 7.5

2.GM Nguen Anh Dung (Vietnam) 7.5

3. IM Nguyen Van Huy (Vietnam) 7.5

4.FM Yee Soon Wei (Brunei) 6.5

5. Vakhidov Jahongir (Uzbekistan) 6.0

6.Abdul Sahim Wising (Malaysia) 6.0

Blitz tournament was crown by young Vakhidov Jahongir (Uzbekistan) with 8 points from 9 games. Top 6 players:

1.Vakhidov Jahongir (Uzbekistan) 8.0

2.IM Khamrakulov Dzhurabek (Uzbekistan) 7.5

3.GM Nguyen Anh Dung (Vietnam) 6.5

4.IM Yap Kim Steven (Philippines) 6.5

5. Md Aliuddin bin Hj Azahari (Brunei) 6.5

6. IM Nguyen Van Huy (Vietnam) 6.5

Brunei 2011 2

BCF President Hj Zainal and Vice President Pg Abd Rahman with 27th National Day Rapid and Blitz Champions IM Khamrakulov Dzhurabek and Vakhidov Jahongir

Brunei 2011 3

GM Nguyen Anh Dung

News and photos by FA Mirzaakhmedov Vyacheslav

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