GM Joseph Sanchez Wins Cannes Chess Festival

21st to 27th February in Cannes, France

The 25th International Open “Pierre et Vacances” took place from 21st to 27th February in Cannes, France, under the management by Cannes-Echecs. 64 players competed in the 9-round Swiss event with 10000 EUR prize fund. Top prize is 2200 EUR and 17 Grandmasters attended.

The crucial last round victory with black pieces propelled GM Joseph Sanchez ahead of the rest of the field and the Filipino claimed a clear first place by finishing on 7 points. Sanchez was seeded only 15th before the start of the tournament, but he played in excellent form and led the standings throughout the event. He also won the 2009 Cannes Open.

IM Xavier Vila Gazquez, former U18 European Champion, signed his final Grandmaster norm and sparked a huge celebration among his friends back in Catalonia.

Final standings:

1. GM Joseph Sanchez PHI 2516 – 7.0

2-6. GM Michael Roiz ISR 2649, IM Xavier Vila Gazquez ESP 2488, GM Christian Bauer FRA 2633, GM Evgeny Romanov RUS 2606 and GM Andrey Sumets UKR 2619 – 6.5

7-8. GM Alberto David LUX 2580 and GM Vlad-Cristian Jianu ROU 2539 – 6.0

9-19. GM Vadim Malakhatko BEL 2546, GM Hicham Hamdouchi FRA 2592, IM Lucian-Costin Miron ROU 2509, IM Anthony Bellaiche FRA 2458, IM Axel Delorme FRA 2492, FM David Anton Guijarro ESP 2425, GM Sabino Brunello ITA 2540, IM Jules Moussard FRA 2385, GM Evgeny Sveshnikov LAT 2521, IM David Recuero Guerra ESP 2462 and FM Cristophe Sochacki FRA 2366 – 5.5 etc

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