Simul with GM Ipatov at ChessFriends (updated)

The tournament is Monday at 19.00 CET

Chess Friends

GM Alexander Ipatov will be joining the list of the top 20 strongest juniors in the world on the September FIDE rating list. His current live ELO is bordering 2600 after a successful first part of the summer that brings him over 35 fresh points to his rating. To celebrate the future entrance in the list, GM Ipatov is holding a simul Monday at 19:00 CET at ChessFriends.

The qualification tournament is open for everyone on Sunday 14th, 19:00 CET. The time control is 5 min/game with 9 rounds. The first 6 players will qualify for the Simul with GM Ipatov, and the next 3 will be subsititutes.

The Simul itself will take place on Monday 15th, 19:00 CET. The time control is 30 min. for both sides. It will be broadcast live on the game server Chessfriends and the main page of Chessdom.

How to join the qualification tournament

The qualification tournament is free and open for everyone. You just need to have an account or make one before the event, and click “join” on the 19:00 CET event.

Where to watch the games

The games will have a live broadcast at the special Chessfriends simul live page.