European Senior Teams Championship Round 5

Russia singled out on the top, Israel 1 and Montenegro follow

The team of Russia has taken the front rank in the 5th round of the European Senior Teams Championship after beating the co-leaders from Denmark. GM Nikolai Pushkov, coming fresh after taking a break in the previous round, gave an early lead to his team with a full point on the 3rd board. His colleagues maintained the control and earned a 3-1 victory.

Russian progress was helped by Montenegro, who defeated Italy by convincing 3.5-0.5. IM Ljubo Zivkovic and GM Sergio Mariotti were the only to make a draw and then GM Bozidar Ivanovic won on the top board in his well known attacking manner. The other two players followed the suit and increased the score.

Eur senior r5 1

GM Bozidar Ivanovic

Israel 1 grabbed a 2-1 lead against Scotland and IM Craig Pritchett remained on the line trying to equalise the match. But GM Mark Tseitlin, although under pressure, managed to take a draw and cement his team’s overall victory.

Catalonia stunned Finland and won 3-1, while Germany beat Niederoesterreich by 3.5-0.5.

Russia is leading with 9 points, Israel 1 and Montenegro follow with 8 points each. Top round 6 matches are Russia – Israel 1, Germany – Montenegro, Italy – Catalonia and Switzerland – Denmark 1.

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Eur senior r5 2

GM Rodriguez Vargas Orestes

Eur senior r5 4

GM Mark Tseitlin

Eur senior r5 3

Finland vs Catalonia