33rd Oberwart Open

Grandmaster Imre Hera in the lead after six rounds

hera imre

GM Imre Hera

The 33rd Oberwart Open is being held from 9th to 17th July 2011 in Oberwart, Austria. 120 players compete in Open A and 134 in Open B. Hungarian Grandmaster Imre Hera is leading the race with 5.5 points from six games.

A blitz tournament with 86 participants was played on 10th July. GM Danilo Milanovic took the first place with 9 points (11 rounds), ahead of Grandmasters Mladen Palac and Robert Zelcic.

Oberwart is a town in Burgenland in Austria on the banks of the Pinka River, and the capital of the district of the same name. Oberwart is the cultural capital of the small ethnic Hungarian minority in Burgenland, living in the Upper Őrség or Wart microregion.

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Round 6 standings:

1. GM Hera Imre HUN 2536 – 5.5

2-5. GM Zelcic Robert CRO 2555, IM Kovacevic Blazimir CRO 2480, GM Perunovic Milos SRB 2570 and IM Gergacz Attila HUN 2436 – 5.0

6-16. GM Palac Mladen CRO 2592, GM Sergeev Vladimir UKR 2522, IM Kovacs Gabor HUN 2496, FM Schreiner Peter AUT 2326, Antal Tibor Kende HUN 2256, IM Bukal Vladimir Jr CRO 2415, IM Schneider-Zinner Harald AUT 2346, IM Freitag Manfred AUT 2384, IM Kummer Helmut AUT 2362, IM Danner Georg AUT 2401 and IM Nemeth Miklos HUN 2433 – 4.5 etc