5th Annual Philadelphia Open

GM Tamaz Gelashvili takes the winner’s trophy

The 5th Annual Philadelphia Open was held as usual over the Easter weekend from April 20-24, 2011, at the upscale, luxury Loews Philadelphia Hotel, rated Four Diamonds by AAA, 1200 Market Street, Philadelphia.

The Open Section was won by Georgian Grandmaster, Tamaz Gelashvili, who finished with 7.5/9. Gelashvili recovered from his Swiss Gambit draw with IM Jay Bonin in round 1 to top the 105 player section.

Gelashvili won four in a row in rounds 2 through 5 including critical victories over GMs Nikola Mitkov and Eugene Perelshteyn lifting him to the top of the standings with GM Julio Becerra.

A quick draw with Becerra followed by victories in round 7 and 8 left Gelashvili in clear first going into the last round, half a point ahead of Becerra. A tough draw in the final round with GM Jiri Stocek was enough to seal the title after Becerra could only draw with Perelshteyn.

Luke Harmon-Vellotti scored an IM norm, which he had secured after his round 7 victory over GM Mikheil Kekelidze.

Kalamaria Gelashvili

Tamaz Gelashvili

Open Section final standings:

1. GM Tamaz Gelashvili 2596 GEO – 7.5

2. GM Julio J Becerra 2549 USA – 7.0

3-8. GM Jiri Stocek 2580 CZE, GM Carlos Matamoros 2549 ECU, GM Eugene Perelshteyn 2533 USA, GM Mesgen Amanov 2495 TKM, IM Lev Milman 2462 USA and GM John P Fedorowicz 2444 USA – 6.5

9-15. IM Jacek Stopa 2453 POL, IM Daniel J Ludwig 2450 USA, IM Marc T Arnold 2435 USA, FM Conrad Holt 2408 USA, IM Michael A Mulyar 2396 USA, IM Oladapo Oluto Adu 2295 NIG and FM Dov Gorman 2292 USA – 6.0 etc

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