Protector 1.4 wins TCEC Division D

Hannibal 1.0a and Crafty 23.4 close behind

Protector 1.4 is the champion of Division D of the computer TCEC chess tournament. The chess engine Protector 1.4 collected 6,0/10 and edged Hannibal 1.0a and Crafty 23.4 which took second and third with 5,5/10.

Division D was a close competition, with all engines finishing +-1. Chronos 1.99 scored 5,0/10, while Bugchess2 1.83 and Jonny 4.0 finished with 4,0/10.

Protector 1.4, developed by Raimund Heid and currently running at estimated 2900+ ELO, has qualified for next seasons division C.

This season’s C division has already started with Komodo 4119, Equinox 0.95, Gull 1.2, Onno 1.27, Booot 5.1, and Sjeng c’t 2010. You can follow the live games here, here, or at the official website.

Replay games of Division D

Live chess broadcast powered by ChessBomb and Chessdom

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