Vladimir Kramnik Writing History in Dortmund

Kramnik convincingly wins the event and claims his 10th Dortmund trophy

Despite the loss in the final round, ex World Champion Vladimir Kramnik convincingly won the 39th Dortmund Chess Meeting, point and a half clear of the second placed Le Quang Liem. An impressive achievement as this is Kramnik’s 10th Dortmund trophy. He first won the event back in 1995 as a 20-years-old.

Dortmund stage is so dear to Kramnik’s heart that he even skipped the World Team Chess Championship where his country Russia narrowly lost the medal in the last round. Seeing that Kramnik is in fantastic form, Russia’s already former captain Evgeny Bareev must be blaming the calendar clash for the team’s bad luck. Bareev resigned from the post Monday, more information coming soon.

Sparkassen Chess-Meeting used the widely accepted six-player double round robin tournament system. Le Quang Liem of Vietnam qualified as the winner of the world’s strongest open tournament Aeroflot 2011 and succeeded in taking second place behind Kramnik. The hosting country was represented by GM Georg Meier.

Dortmund 2011 Vladimir Kramnik

Vladimir Kramnik (all photos courtesy of Georgios Souleidis)

Dortmund 2011 Stage

The playing hall

Final standings:

1.Kramnik Vladimir (RUS 2781) – 7.0

2. Le Quang Liem (VIE 2715) – 5½

3-4. Ponomariov Ruslan (UKR 2764) and Giri Anish (NED 2701) – 5.0

5. Nakamura Hikaru (USA 2770) – 4½

6. Meier Georg (GER 2656) – 3.0

IM Robin van Kampen (NED 2519) won the Helmut-Kohls-Turnier with 6.5 points from 9 games. The Dortmund B-Group was a 10-players round robin event.

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Dortmund 2011 Kramnik-Nakamura

Vladimir Kramnik – Hikaru Nakamura

Dortmund 2011 Le Quang Liem

Le Quang Liem

Dortmund 2011 Anish Giri

Anish Giri

Dortmund 2011 Georg Meier

Georg Meier

Dortmund 2011 Ponomariov-Le Quang

Ponomariov-Le Quang Liem

Dortmund 2011 Robin van Kampen

Robin van Kampen