World Team Chess Championship 2011

The top players start the race this week

Jermuk Ivanchuk

The 2011 World Team Chess Championship will be held in Ningbo China from July 15 2011(arrival) to July 27 2011 (Departure). Participants are the national teams of China (host country), Russia (winner 2009), Ukraine, Israel, and Hungary (medalists from Olympiad), Azerbaijan (Europe qualifier), India (Asia qualifier), USA (America’s qualifier), Egypt (African qualifier), and Armenia (nomination by the FIDE President).

Daily live games will be here, video reports will be available at Chessdom chess video section, and selected games will have live GM commentary.

Each team of the World Team Championship will consist of 5 athletes (4 players + 1 reserves) and one coach/captain of the team for a total of 6 persons. From the July rating list top players confirmed are the Candidates matches finalist Grischuk, the top Russian player Karjakin, India’s young stars from AAI Sasikiran and Negi, Azerbaijan’s permanent 2700 club players Radjabov, Mamedyarov, and Gashimov, Ukraine’s super star Ivanchuk, China’s Wang Yue and Wang Hao, Armenia’s 2800 player Levon Aronian, and Hungary’s Peter Leko and Zoltan Almasi.

Click on the following links for the details of each team announced so far:

Russia team for Ningbo

India team for Ningbo

Azerbaijan team for Ningbo

Israel team for Ningbo

Hungary team for Ningbo

Ukraine team for Ningbo

China team for Ningbo

Armenia team for Ningbo

World Team Championship rules

Among the rules, there is a no short draw recommendation, as the players are not allowed to shake hands before move 30. The championships will be played using a 9 round, round-robin system. Each team
will play a match against all other teams. Colours and starting numbers will be
drawn at the Opening Ceremony.
The time control: 90′/40 moves + 30′/end + 30” increment per move, staring from
move 1.

Each match will be scored by match points as used in the FIDE Olympiad. Winner
will get 2 points, a draw will give each team 1 point, and a loss is scored as 0 points.
If any teams finish with equal match points, the tie shall be resolved per match points, then direct match result, then Berger, and if a tie again results, it shall be decided by board count (that Berlin System: a win on Board 1 = 4 points, a win on Board 2 = 3 points, a win on Board 3 = 2 points, a win on Board 4 = 1 point). In the near imposible situation of a draw again, a rapid match will be played, and in case of a draw (again), then drawing of lots will decide the winner.

Chief Arbiter Mr. Panagiotis Nikolopoulos (Greece). One Deputy Chief
Arbiter and three arbiters from China will also be assigned.

Three FIDE Vice Presidents will be in the appeals committee Mr. Israel Gelfer (ISR), Mr. Chu Bo (CHN), and Mr. Boris Kutin (SLO).

New Century Grand Hotel Ningbo

New Century Grand Hotel Ningbo


The players will be hosted in Ningbo, China in New Century Grand Hotel Ningbo (5
stars). The tournament Hall will be in the hotel. The 6 people from each participating team will be
provided with full hospitality including lodging, accommodation in a single room in the 5-star hotel.

Day 1 15 July Arrival

Day 2 16 July Opening Ceremony

Day 3 17 July 15:00 Round 1

Day 4 18 July 15:00 Round 2

Day 5 19 July 15:00 Round 3

Day 6 20 July 15:00 Round 4

Day 7 21 July 15:00 Round 5

Day 8 22 July Rest Day

Day 9 23 July 15:00 Round 6

Day 10 24 July 15:00 Round 7

Day 11 25 July 15:00 Round 8

Day 12 26 July 10:00 Round 9,
Closing Ceremony in the evening

Day 13 27 July Departure