Russian Team Chess Championships

Sochi, April 1-14, 2008

Right before the start of the Chess Grand Prix in Baku and the Mtel Masters in Sofia, the Russian Team Chess championship will collect some of the strongest players in the world. It will take place in Sochi, April 1-14. Here are the teams and some of the players.

Russian Team Chess Championships teams

Finek – Gazprom (Sankt Peterburg)

Shsm (Moscow)

Economist Saratov 1

Economist Saratov 2

Shatar Buryatia

64 (Moscow)

Tomsk 400

South Ural

Politekhnik (Nizhny Tagil)

TPS- Saransk (Saransk)

Ural (Ekaterininburg)

Spasio-Swiss (Moscow)


The official lists of the teams have not been published yet. News is already infiltrating Russian media and has reported on some of the teams in the Russian Championships.

World Chess Cup Final Kamski ID

Gata Kamsky to play in Ural (Ekaterininburg)

Gata Kamsky will be one of the top boards of Ural (Ekateriningburg) in the Russian Team Chess Championships. This is one of the biggest surprises of the competition, as Kamsky will play the Chess Grand Prix in Baku only a few days after. Similar is the situation with Teimour Radjabov – he will also play for Ural and will help the team in the race for the first places.

Radjabov and Kamsky will play the first rounds on the top boards, as for later they have strong substitutes. Alexei Shirov, Vladimir Akopian, Alexander Grischuk, Vladimir Malakhov, Alexei Dreev, and Alexander Motylev are the other players of Ural (Ekateriningburg)

** morozevich square

Morozevich will lead Tomsk 400

Alexander Morozevich will be the top player of the strong Tomsk 400 team. He will be joined by Dimitry Jakovenko, Artyom Timofeev, Andrei Harlov, Pavel Smirnov, and Andrea Belozerov.

We can expect Morozevich to play in most of the games, as he declined participation in the Grand Prix series.

Expect all teams of the Russian team chess championship later today at