Salo Flohr Memorial

Played on Saturday, 27th December, in Prague

GM Salo Flohr, one of the world’s best chessplayers between two Wars and a world title candidate, would celebrate his 100th birthday these weeks. He spent his best years in Prague, and therefore the city and the Prague Chess Society organized a rapid tournament and a party to his commemoration. The playing venue was Hotel Best Western Kampa, which already hosted Kramnik – Navara match earlier this year.

Three best chess players of the Czech republic – GM Navara, GM Hracek and GM Laznicka – together with another 6 GMs and 7 IMs, were invited to take participation. Players who personally knew Flohr are also included – e.g. GM Vlastimil Hort and the writer Vlastimil Houška.

The tournament was played as a 7 round Swiss, with time control of 15 minutes + 15 sec per move. The prize fund was 77.000 Kč (almost €3.000) and the winners were awarded with glass vases designed by Bořek Šípek and Jiří Pačínek.

The young GM Robert Cvek finished on the top with 6.0 points, half a point clear ahead of GM Viktor Laznicka and GM Zbynek Hracek.

Final standings (37 participants):

1. GM Cvek Robert (2517 CZE) 1. Novoborsky Sk – 6.0

2. GM Laznicka Viktor (2562 CZE) 1. Novoborsky Sk – 5½

3. GM Hracek Zbynek (2587 CZE) 1. Novoborsky Sk – 5½

4. IM Jirka Jiri (2432 CZE) Tj Bohemians Praha - 5.0

5. GM Navara David (2613 CZE) Sk Mahrla Praha – 5.0

6. GM Jirovsky Milos (2487 CZE) Sk Mahrla Praha – 5.0

7. GM Vokac Marek (2452 CZE) 1. Novoborsky Sk – 5.0

8. IM Jirovsky Pavel (2331 CZE) Sokol Kolin – 4½

9. Lamser Jan (CZE) Sk Litomerice – 4½

10. IM Pisk Petr (2322 CZE) Tj Podluzan Prusanky – 4.0

11. IM Konopka Michal (2407 CZE) Sachovy Klub Zikuda Turno – 4.0

12. Vanek Tomas (2269 CZE) Tj Glaverbel Czech Teplic – 4.0

13. GM Hort Vlastimil (2478 GER) Sk Porg Praha – 4.0

14. Boleslav Petr (2021 CZE) 1. Novoborsky Sk – 4.0

15. Nemec Igor (2041 CZE) Sachovy Oddil Tj Dukla Pr – 4.0

Flohr Memorial winners

Winners: Viktor Laznicka, Robert Cvek, Zbynek Hracek

Flohr Memorial Cvek-Navara

Robert Cvek and David Navara

Flohr Memorial square

Special vase as a prize

News and photos by Novoborsky SK