GM Ivan Salgado Lopez wins in San Sebastian

Five players finished on tied 2nd place. Report by IA Mikel Larreategi

The Spanish GM Ivan Salgado Lopez
won the 31st edition of the San Sebastian International Open with 7.5
points after drawing his game against GM Pablo San Segundo (ESP).

A draw was enough for him, and the results of the 2nd and the 3rd board, where
GM Kevin Spragget – IM Pablo Lafuente and IM Alberto Andres – FM Daniel Alsina signed draws as well, helped him
maintain the
half-point distance in the final ranking.

Spragget, San Segundo and Andres scored 7
points after drawing their games, and Del Rio and Cifuentes also scored 7
after defeating Lopez and Bellia.

Local player IM ArgandoƱa won his game against
Puerto-Traver and tied the prize for the best Gipuzkoan
player with Alonso despite his loss against FM Recuero.

For his victory GM Ivan Salgado received a check and a typical Basque

IA Mikel Larreategi

Donostia 2

Winner IM Ivan Salgado (right) and 3rd placed IM Alberto Andres

Donostia 1

Here they are joined by GM Kevin Spraggett

Donostia 3

Tension on the top two boards attracts the crowd

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