2nd SCS International Grandmaster Chess tournament

Alexei Dreev moves into joint lead, IM Norm for Akshat Khamparia

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going – goes the old adage. That’s what top seed Grandmaster Alexey Dreev showed, grinding GM Pablo Lafuente to defeat, in the tenth and penultimate round of the 2nd SCS International Grandmaster Chess Tournament at Hotel Swosti Premium, Bhubaneswar.

The crucial win with black pieces, takes Dreev on top of the table with 8.0 points, along with Alexej Alexandrov, Kravtsiv Martyn and IM Adhiban Baskaran.

Indian Senior National Champion and International Master B Adhiban defeated higher rated German GM Thomas Luther and moved into shared lead. The win propels Adhiban to a top board meeting in the final round against Alexey Dreev. A fighting draw against the Russian veteran would give the young Indian his second Grandmaster Norm.

To have an idea, as to how long Dreev has been a top flight player in world chess, one needs to go back two decades, to the year 1990, when Alexey Dreev played the World Championship Candidates quarterfinal against Viswanathan Anand at Madras, and Adhiban was born two years later. Surely, a battle of youth versus experience, Adhiban versus Dreev.

In another upset IM Praveen Kumar prevailed over Kazakh Grandmaster Anuar Ismagambetov in a Nimzo Indian game full of tactics. Earlier, FIDE Master Akshat Khamparia completed his third and final norm holding IM P Karthikeyan to a draw.


Star performers Padmini Rout (final WGM Norm) and 13 year old Vaibhav Suri (GM Norm)

Round 10 top results:

GM Kravtsiv Martyn UKR 2546 – GM Kovalyov Anton ARG 2615 ½ – ½

GM Lafuente Pablo ARG 2587 – GM Dreev Alexey RUS 2655 0 – 1

GM Maletin Pavel RUS 2584 – GM Turov Maxim RUS 2624 ½ – ½

GM Kokarev Dmitry RUS 2612 – GM Bocharov Dmitry RUS 2592 ½ – ½

GM Aleksandrov Aleksej BLR 2604 – GM Hera Imre Jr HUN 2558 1 – 0

IM Adhiban B IND 2510 – GM Luther Thomas GER 2541 1 – 0

GM Ibrayev Nurlan KAZ 2390 – GM Vorobiov Evgeny E RUS 2612 1 – 0

GM Simonian Hrair ARM 2521 – Ramnath Bhuvanesh R IND 2350 1 – 0

GM Kasparov Sergey BLR 2504 – Vaibhav Suri IND 2347 ½ – ½

Shreyansh Daklia IND 2287 – GM Czebe Attila HUN 2480 ½ – ½

FM Sai Krishna G V IND 2282 – IM Konguvel Ponnuswamy IND 2412 ½ – ½

GM Khusnutdinov Rustam KAZ 2525 – Swayams Mishra IND 2397 1 – 0

IM Praveen Kumar C IND 2391 – GM Ismagambetov Anuar KAZ 2524 1 – 0

IM Shyam Nikil P IND 2385 – GM Iuldachev Saidali UZB 2511 0 – 1

GM Sriram Jha IND 2507 – FM Nitin S IND 2363 ½ – ½

Round 10 standings (249 players):

1-4. GM Aleksandrov Aleksej BLR 2604, GM Kravtsiv Martyn UKR 2546, GM Dreev Alexey RUS 2655 and IM Adhiban B IND 2510 – 8.0

5-11. GM Bocharov Dmitry RUS 2592, GM Turov Maxim RUS 2624, GM Kovalyov Anton ARG 2615, GM Simonian Hrair ARM 2521, GM Maletin Pavel RUS 2584, GM Kokarev Dmitry RUS 2612 and GM Ibrayev Nurlan KAZ 2390 – 7.5

12-25. GM Lafuente Pablo ARG 2587, GM Czebe Attila HUN 2480, Vaibhav Suri IND 2347, GM Hera Imre Jr HUN 2558, GM Kasparov Sergey BLR 2504, GM Harutjunyan Gevorg ARM 2460, IM Lalith Babu M R IND 2493, IM Konguvel Ponnuswamy IND 2412, GM Khusnutdinov Rustam KAZ 2525, IM Praveen Kumar C IND 2391, Shreyansh Daklia IND 2287, Anwesh Upadhyaya IND 2419, GM Iuldachev Saidali UZB 2511 and FM Sai Krishna G V IND 2282 – 7.0

Round 11 top pairings:

GM Dreev Alexey RUS 2655 - IM Adhiban B IND 2510

GM Kovalyov Anton ARG 2615 - GM Aleksandrov Aleksej BLR 2604

GM Bocharov Dmitry RUS 2592 - GM Kravtsiv Martyn UKR 2546

GM Turov Maxim RUS 2624 - GM Simonian Hrair ARM 2521

GM Maletin Pavel RUS 2584 - GM Kokarev Dmitry RUS 2612

GM Hera Imre Jr HUN 2558 - GM Ibrayev Nurlan KAZ 2390

Anwesh Upadhyaya IND 2419 - GM Lafuente Pablo ARG 2587

IM Konguvel Ponnuswamy IND 2412 - GM Khusnutdinov Rustam KAZ 2525

GM Iuldachev Saidali UZB 2511 - IM Praveen Kumar C IND 2391

GM Harutjunyan Gevorg ARM 2460 - GM Kasparov Sergey BLR 2504

Vaibhav Suri IND 2347 - IM Lalith Babu M R IND 2493

GM Czebe Attila HUN 2480 - FM Sai Krishna G V IND 2282

GM Vorobiov Evgeny E RUS 2612 - Shreyansh Daklia IND 2287

GM Luther Thomas GER 2541 - WGM Gara Ticia HUN 2357

GM Sundararajan Kidambi IND 2520 - Bitan Banerjee IND 2311

Palit Somak IND 2385 - GM Ovetchkin Roman RUS 2519

Ramnath Bhuvanesh R IND 2350 - GM Sriram Jha IND 2507

Serbia Chess League – Last Round on Friday

Four teams in competition for the title

The Serbian Premier Chess League will reach its climax on Friday when the last 11th round is to be played. Four teams, VSK Sveti Nikolaj (23 match points), last year champion Novosadski Sah Klub, 2007 champion Beograd Beopublikum (both 22 points) and local Radnicki Kragujevac (21), are in position to fight for the title.

VSK Sveti Nikolaj players do not have exceptional individual scores, but they all play as a team, and each of them can win a game when its important, while Beopublikum is being driven by the powerful 2nd and 5th boards – GM Bojan Vuckovic and GM Veljko Jeremic.

Novosadski Sah Klub is lining the same team for many years already and they know each other in soul. GM Emil Sutovsky is the only relatively new member, having last year replaced GM Nevednichi on the first board. And while he added the much needed firepower for the last year’s title, this time he is not doing very well, only 2.5 points from 9 games. The team is also weakened because GM Dusan Popovic cannot play every round, and from seven games he collected 6 points.

Radnicki entered the race with ambition to avoid being relegated to the lower league. But with fantastic Zahar Efimenko, currently best performing first board with 7.0/10, and in-form GM Dragan Barlov and IM Zoran Novoselski, who curiously both play in Radnicki since their junior days in mid 70′s, the team is creating a chaos among the higher-rated opposition.

The event is being held on 1-11th September in Hotel “Šumarice”, Kragujevac, which was also the venue of the last individual chess championship. Top 12 games are being relayed live on the official website, tune in on Friday 10:00 CET to follow the action.

srb liga Predojevic-Rublevsky

Borki Predojevic – Sergei Rublevsky 0-1 (replay bellow)

srb liga Sakaev-Pavlovic

Konstantin Sakaev – Milos Pavlovic 0-1

srb liga Vuckovic-Marjanovic

Bojan Vuckovic – Slavoljub Marjanovic, draw in round 8

Round 10 standings (3 points for match win, 1 for draw):

1. VSK Sveti Nikolaj Srpski – 23

2. Beograd Beopublikum – 22

3. Novosadski sah klub DDOR – 22

4. Radnicki – 21

5. Nis – 16

6. Lasta – 16

7. SSK SK Premier – 15

8. Sloga Amiga – 12

9. Spartak Merkur – 9

10. Politika PEP – 6

11. Agronom – 5

12. Mladenovac – 0

Sergei Tiviakov Wins Politiken Cup

European Champion clinched the trophy on best tiebreak

Six players have shared the first place at the 2008 Politiken Cup, but the trophy went to Dutch globetrotter Sergei Tiviakov on best additional criteria. He scored a full point with Black pieces in a very difficult game against GM Arthur Kogan. And while GM Vladimir Malakhov caught “easier” opponent in the last round, local hero Peter Heine Nielsen had to work hard and beat GM Bartosz Socko to reach the first place tie. Finally, Swedish GM Jonny Hector, known for his sharp and enterprising play, calculated deeper than GM Evdokimov and deservingly established himself in the top pack.

Politiken Sergei Tiviakov

Winner – GM Sergei Tiviakov

Round 10 results:

GM Michael Roiz – GM Yurij Kuzubov draw

GM Emanuel Berg – GM Boris Savchenko draw

GM Vladimir Malakhov – IM Thomas Engqvist 1-0

GM Peter Heine Nielsen – GM Bartosz Socko 1-0

GM Artur Kogan – GM Sergey Tiviakov 0-1

GM Alexei Iljushin – GM Mikheil Mchedlishvili draw

GM Jonny Hector – GM Alexander A. Evdokimov 1-0

IM Sabino Brunello – GM Pavel Eljanov 0-1

GM Konstantin Landa – GM Sune Berg Hansen 1-0

GM Lars Schandorff – IM Tania Sachdev 1-0

IM Christian Jepson – GM Tiger Hillarp-Persson 1-0

Final standings:

1-6. GM Sergey Tiviakov 2645, GM Vladimir Malakhov 2689, GM Yurij Kuzubov 2578, GM Peter Heine Nielsen 2652, GM Boris Savchenko 2578 and GM Jonny Hector 2537 – 8.0

7-15. GM Michael Roiz 2680, GM Mikheil Mchedlishvili 2604, GM Pavel Eljanov 2716, GM Konstantin Landa 2615, GM Alexei Iljushin 2546, GM Emanuel Berg 2592, IM Oliver Kurmann 2394, IM Christian Jepson 2358 and GM Lars Schandorff 2537 – 7½ etc

(280 players)

More information on the official website

Politiken Bech Hansen

Chief organizer of Politiken Cup – Lars-Henrik Bech Hansen

Politiken Yurij Kuzubov 1

GM Yurij Kuzubov

Politiken Peter Heine Nielsen

GM Peter Heine Nielsen

Politiken Jonny Hector

GM Jonny Hector

Politiken Michael Roiz

GM Michael Roiz

Politiken IM Oliver Kurmann

GM norm for Oliver Kurmann

Politiken Vitali Golod

GM Vitali Golod

Karen Asrian Memorial – Round 10

Peter Leko singled in the lead, Levon Aronian close second

“Karen Asrian Memorial” resumed on Friday when rounds seven to ten were played. Peter Leko was in fighting mood in the 7th round and managed to squeeze out a win with Black pieces in the Ruy Lopez Exchange variation, which is usually considered completely drawish on the top level. Boris Gelfand had no mercy for Vladimir Akopian’s weaknesses after the Slav opening and dully pushed a passed pawn after eliminating all barriers on its way.

Akopian tried to take revenge in the next round and countered Gelfand’s Naidorf Sicilian with the popular English attack. Once again, however, Gelfand used the same tactic, cleaning the entire flank of enemy pawns and pushing his own to the promoting square. Gelfand won this mini-match 2-0.

Alexander Morozevich blundered important central pawn against Bu Xiangzhi and couldn’t save the game against Bu’s brutal technique.

Round nine brings more excitement. Leko, in order to avoid Gelfand’s possible Petroff defence, uses Bishop’s opening, a pet opening of former World Championship candidate Leonid Yudasin, and beats his overambitious opponent. Bu is flying on the wings of his earlier win and grounds Michael Adams, while Aronian scores against probably demoralized Morozevich. Last round of the day was much calmer and all games ended in draws.

“Karen Asrian Memorial” continues on Saturday with the originally planned rounds eleven and twelve.

Round 10 standings:

1. Peter Leko 2741 – 6.5

2. Levon Aronian 2763 – 6.0

3. Gabriel Sargissian 2643 – 5.5

4-5. Bu Xiangzhi 2708 and Boris Gelfand 2723 – 5.0

6. Alexander Morozevich 2774 – 4.5

7. Michael Adams 2729 – 4.0

8. Vladimir Akopian 2673 – 3.5

Tournament website

Vassily Ivanchuk Claims 2008 Mtel Masters

Ivanchuk beat Cheparinov in the last round, the other two games drawn

Mtel Masters 2008: General page / Photos from Mtel

Mtel Masters live: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Topalov – Ivanchuk / Radjabov – Aronian

Report: Round 1 / Round 2 / Round 3 / Round 4 / Round 5 / Round 6 / Round 7 / Round 8

Last round results:

Aronian Levon 2763 ARM ½ – ½ Bu Xiangzhi 2708 CHN

Cheparinov Ivan 2695 BUL 0 – 1 Ivanchuk Vassily 2740 UKR

Topalov Veselin 2767 BUL ½ – ½ Radjabov Teimour 2751 AZE

Vassily Ivanchuk beat Ivan Cheparinov in the last round of 2008 Mtel Masters to add a cherry on the top of the cake. The Ukrainian convincingly won the tournament with 1.5 points ahead of 2nd placed Veselin Topalov and performed at 2977 FIDE Elo. This magnificent result in such a short tournament came after five consecutive wins in the first leg and all he had to do later was to hold the distance. This puts an end on Topalov’s winning streak in Sofia where he won previous three editions.

Closing ceremony quote of the day

“Topalov did not win the tournament, so that he tricks Kramnik to come to Sofia,” Boiko Borisov, mayor of Sofia

Mtel Masters photos

Over 100 photos from the closing ceremony can be found at the Chessdom photo gallery

mtel2008 closing ceremony 2

The happy winner

mtel2008 closing ceremony

At the closing ceremony all the players received their caricatures and special wine with their names on the label

Bu Xiangzhi and Levon Aronian drew their game and finished on the last place tie. Veselin Topalov – Teimour Radjabov was a very interesting Loewental Sicilian. Radjabov bravely sacrificed Queen for two minor pieces and strong positional pressure. Topalov’s King remained stuck in the center and he had huge problems with establishing pieces’ coordination. Eventually black delivered perpetual check, dropping the curtain to this wonderful event.

Final standings:

1. Ivanchuk Vassily 2740 UKR – 8.0

2. Topalov Veselin 2767 BUL – 6.5

3. Radjabov Teimour 2751 AZE – 5.5

4. Cheparinov Ivan 2695 BUL – 4.0

5-6. Aronian Levon 2763 ARM and Bu Xiangzhi 2708 CHN – 3.0

Mtel Masters Bu 4

Bu Xiangzhi

Mtel Masters Cheparinov 2

Ivan Cheparinov

Mtel Masters Topalov 2

Veselin Topalov

Russian team chess championship round 10

Ural secured the title with one round to go. Results, standings, games

Round 1 / Round 2 / Round 3 / Round 4 / Round 5 / Round 6 / Round 7 / Round 8 / Round 9

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The leading Ural Yekaterinburg decided on a “safe move” in the 10th round of the Russian team championship by quickly signing 3-3 with TPS Saransk. The internet audience was probably left disappointed with this action and it becomes understandable why 2007 ETCC organizers banned prearranging during their competition. Economist 1 had a chance to reach Ural within only one point distance, but they lost 2.5-3.5 to the compact team of Finek Gazprom (Sankt Petersburg) and the two teams are now tied on the 2nd place. This result handed the title to Ural before the last round. Their tomorrow’s match with Finek will probably be just another formality.

Some of the Russian commentators raised suspicions if the term “team competition” is suitable for this event. They have compared chess teams with football clubs, like CSKA Moscow, and some of the main objections are the calendar, large number of foreigners and loose spirit. Interpreted, the top Grandmasters gather in Dagomys for only two weeks over the year to play for their “komands” without even getting to see the “home city”. Many also switch between the teams every season. All this is compared against football where competition lasts approx nine months per year and all players, even foreigners, are firmly tied to the city and club, many with long-lasting contracts.

GMs Shakhriyar Mamedyarov and Kamil Miton have celebrated birthdays on Saturday. Best wishes from Chessdom team!

Round 10 results:

64 (Moscow) – South Ural (Chelyabinsk) 3-3

GM Boris Gelfand – GM Alexander Riazantsev draw

GM Sergei Rublevsky – GM Viktor Korchnoi draw

GM Ian Nepomniachtchi – GM Igor Kurnosov 0-1

GM Pentala Harikrishna – GM Evgeny Sveshnikov draw

GM Wang Hao – GM Evgeny Romanov 1-0

GM Evgeny Bareev – IM Pavel Ponkratov draw

SHSM (Moscow) – Shatar Buryatia 2-4

GM Alexander Onischuk – GM Vugar Gashimov draw

GM Karen Asrian – GM Bu Xiangzhi 0-1

GM Ivan Popov – GM Anton Shomoev 0-1

GM Sergey Grigoriants – GM Boris Avrukh 0-1

GM Vladimir Potkin – GM Farukh Ammonatov draw

GM Michał Krasenkow – GM Alexander Lastin 1-0

TPS Saransk (Saransk) – Ural (Yekaterinburg) 3-3

GM Vassily Ivanchuk – GM Alexei Shirov draw

GM Konstantin Sakaev – GM Alexander Grischuk draw

GM Andrei Volotkin – GM Vladimir Malakhov draw

GM Emil Sutovsky – GM Vladimir Akopian draw

GM Sergey Volkov – GM Alexei Dreev draw

GM Evgeny Najer – GM Alexander Motylev draw

Finek Gazprom (Sankt Petersburg) – Economist 1 (Saratov) 3.5-2.5

GM Peter Svidler – GM Evgeny Alekseev 0-1

GM Vadim Zvjaginsev – GM Evgeny Tomashevsky draw

GM Sergey Movsesjan – GM Pavel Eljanov draw

GM David Navara – GM Ni Hua 1-0

GM Nikita Vitiugov – GM Michael Roiz 1-0

GM Vassily Yemelin – GM Alexander Moiseenko draw

Spasio-Swiss (Moscow) – Politekhnik (Nizhny Tagil) 3-3

GM Ruslan Ponomariov – GM Zahar Efimenko draw

GM Igor Khenkin – GM Alexander Areshchenko draw

GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov – GM Boris Grachev draw

GM Ernesto Inarkiev – GM Igor Lysyj draw

GM Vladislav Tkachiev – GM Dmitry Bocharov draw

GM Denis Khismatullin – GM Pavel Maletin draw

Economist 2 (Saratov) – Tomsk 400 2-4

GM Dimitry Andreikin – GM Alexander Morozevich draw

GM Alexei Iljushin – GM Sergey Karjakin 0-1

GM Alexei Korneev – GM Dimitry Jakovenko 0-1

GM Sergei Dyachkov – GM Loek Van Wely 0-1

GM Alexander Kovchan – GM Artyom Timofeev 1-0

IM Mikhail Lushenkov – GM Andrei Belozerov draw

Current Standings

Team / Match points / Game points (click here for the team lists)

1. Ural (Yekaterinburg) 16 (36.5)

2-3. Economist 1 (Saratov) 13 (33.5)

2-3. Finek Gazprom (Sankt Petersburg) 13 (32.5)

4-6. TPS Saransk (Saransk) 12 (33.5)

4-6. Spasio-Swiss (Moscow) 12 (32.0)

4-6. Shatar Buryatia 12 (31.5)

7. 64 (Moscow) 11 (30.0)

8-9. SHSM (Moscow) 8 (29.5)

8-9. Tomsk 400 8 (27.0)

10. Politekhnik (Nizhny Tagil) 7 (27.0)

11. South Ural (Chelyabinsk) 5 (25.5)

12. Economist 2 (Saratov) 3 (21.5)

Selected games from round 10: