Senta Chess Festival

GM Miodrag Savic wins main open tournament, GM Ivan Ivanisevic victorious in rapid and blitz

City of Senta (Hungarian: Zenta), at the most north-eastern part of Serbia near Hungarian and Romanian border, was host of the 11th “1697 Battle of Senta” chess festival. Wonderful hospitality of people from the local chess club once again attracted huge number of players. The happening consisted of six tournaments: Main rated, B rated, C Amateur, Rapid, Blitz and Youth rapid. Total prize fund, provided by Panonska banka AD Novi Sad and numerous sponsors, was 4.500 Euros. IM Miodrag Perunovic, instructor at the Chessdom Online Academy, tied fantastic 2nd place in the main and blitz tournament!

A record of 557 players from 13 countries competed in five tournaments (we don’t have info about Amateur group). Big thanks to the organizers from chess club “Zeleznicar”: Csáki Gáspár, Szeles Ambrus and Kajári István. We should mention that Peter Leko, born in nearby Subotica, played for this amateur club during late 80′s.

Main rated tournament had 123 participants. Many loyal visitors are coming back every summer. One of them, GM Miodrag R. Savic, won his 2nd Senta trophy (first in 2005), clear point ahead of large bulk of followers. Last year he was highest rated player, but IM Misa Pap clinched the tournament in direct duel.

GM Miodrag Savic

Winner: GM Miodrag Savic

Main tournament final standings:

1. GM Miodrag R. Savic (SRB 2514) 7.5/9

2-13. IM Goran Arsovic (SRB 2470), IM Zoran Arsovic (SRB 2451), FM Igor Solomunovic (GER 2396), IM Milos Pavlovic (SRB 2438), IM Sergei Matsenko (RUS 2406), GM Borko Lajthajm (SRB 2511), Jovan Radlovacki (SRB 2394), GM Vladimir G. Kostic (SRB 2395), IM Miodrag Perunovic (SRB 2368), IM Slavisa Brenjo (SRB 2485), Miroslav Mrsevic (SRB 2286) and IM Milan Andrijevic (SRB 2338) 6.5

14-21. IM Nikola Ostojic (SRB 2404), IM Alin Ardeleanu (ROM 2416), Balind Nadj Hedjesi (SRB 2371), FM Ervin Toth (HUN 2313), IM Radovan Govedarica (SRB 2394), FM Vladan Rabrenovic (SRB 2312), IM Ernst Weinzettl (AUT 2328) and Nebojsa Djuric (BIH 2119) 6.0 etc

IM Arsovic 1 IM Arsovic 2

Strongest twins in the world? IMs Goran and Zoran Arsovic

B rating group had 70 players. Julius Veceri, local from Senta whom I played last year, won the group convincingly.

1. Julius Veceri (SRB 2043) 8.0/9

2-3. Zoran Davidovic (SRB) and Novica Bozilov (SRB 2052) 7.0

4-6. Jozsef Ferenczi (HUN 2064), Goran Petrusic (MNE 1999) and Daniel Szabo Benke (FRA 2051) with 6.5

7-11. Sandor Varjas (SRB 1987), Robert Kalmar (SRB 1883), Branko Mrzic (SRB 2038), Mihaly Bicskei (SRB 1956) and Andras Hugyecz (HUN 2093) 6.0 etc

Rapid and Blitz transit tournaments, which both took place on the main tournament’s rest day, as usual pulled many Grandmasters in. Ivan Ivanisevic, whom we were following during Valjevo Gorenje, absolutely dominated both events, having won by large margin. Rapid had 9 rounds and 164 participants, while Blitz saw 135 players during 11 rounds.

Ivan Ivanisevic 2

No mercy – GM Ivan Ivanisevic

Rapid tournament final standings:

1. GM Ivan Ivanisevic (SRB 2595) 8.0/9

2-11. GM Milos Perunovic (SRB 2589), GM Miodrag R. Savic (SRB 2514), Jovan Radlovacki (SRB 2394), IM Slavisa Brenjo (SRB 2485), GM Slobodan Martinovic (GM 2447), IM Mihajlo Zlatic (SRB 2450), IM Sergei Matsenko (RUS 2406), GM Dejan Pikula (SRB 2504), Milan Bozic (SRB 2435) and Jovan Todorovic (SRB 2409) 7.0

12-17. FM Igor Solomunovic (GER 2396), GM Miroslav Tosic (SRB 2437), IM Goran Arsovic (SRB 2470), IM Zoran Arsovic (SRB 2451), IM Viktor Erdos (HUN 2523) and FM Boris Budimir (BIH 2335) 6.5 etc

Miodrag Perunovic square 2

Successful trip: IM Miodrag Perunovic

Blitz tournament final standings:

1. GM Ivan Ivanisevic (SRB 2595) 9.5/11

2-4. IM Viktor Erdos (HUN 2523), GM Miodrag R. Savic (SRB 2514) and IM Miodrag Perunovic (SRB 2368) 8.5

5-10. GM Borko Lajthajm (SRB 2511), GM Milos Perunovic (SRB 2589), GM Dejan Pikula (SRB 2504), IM Goran Arsovic (SRB 2470), IM Mihajlo Zlatic (SRB 2450) and Jovan Todorovic (SRB 2409) 8.0

11-18. IM Misa Pap (SRB 2493), GM Goran Cabrilo (SRB 2496), Milan Bozic (SRB 2435), Miroslav Mrsevic (SRB 2286), IM Radovan Govedarica (SRB 2394), IM Miklos Galyas (HUN 2486), FM Igor Solomunovic (GER 2396) and GM Miroslav Tosic (SRB 2437) 7.5 etc


Grandmaster soon: IM Viktor Erdos

Youth rapid tournament had 65 participants divided into 3 groups. Danijela Petrovic won girls group with 8.0/9, point and a half ahead of competition. Mihaly Ujhazi from Hungary dominated younger boys group with 8.5/9, while older boys group saw fearless chase between Dejan Zivkovic, Lazar Nestorovic and Radmilo Dimitrijevic when 4th placed Adam Agoston was left 2 points behind. Dejan Zivkovic finished first with 8.5/9.

Festival preview

More about chess life in Senta

Senta organizers

Organizers: IA Istvan Brindza, FA Milorad Maravic, Gaspar Csaki and Istvan Kajari

GM Vladimir Kostic IM Nikola Ostojic

GM Vladimir Kostic and IM Nikola Ostojic