Tiger Hillarp Persson Stormed Through 16th Sigeman Tournament

Swedish GM won the event full point ahead of Daniel Stellwagen

The 16th Sigeman tournament ended yesterday with Swedish GM Tiger Hillarp Persson convincingly winning first place, to the great delight of local chess fans. This uncompromising fighter and respected chess author proved that recent rating drop was only temporary affair. Even when a draw in the last round duel against the only competitor Daniel Stellwagen was sufficient for the first place, Tiger bravely attacked with black in the Naidorf Sicilian, forcing the young Dutch to search salvation in perpetual check.

A large number of decided games in this tournament provided real pleasure for the audience. Ralf Åkesson and Jan Timman, who finished on the 4th place tie, were in battling mode, producing seven decided games and only two draws each. Norwegian Kjetil Lie also had only two draws, but he collected three points, probably coming tired after the 2008 Gausdal Classics, same as Vasilios Kotronias. Lajos Portish, the living chess legend, unfortunately finished last.

Round 9 results:

Axel Smith – GM Ralf Åkesson 0 – 1

GM Vasilios Kotronias – GM Lars Bo Hansen draw

GM Daniel Stellwagen – GM Tiger Hillarp Persson draw

GM Lajos Portisch – GM Jan Timman 0-1

GM Evgenij Agrest – GM Kjetil Lie draw

Final standings:

1. GM Tiger Hillarp Persson 2491 – 7.5

2. GM Daniel Stellwagen 2621 – 6.5

3. GM Lars Bo Hansen 2563 – 6.0

4-5. GM Ralf Åkesson 2466 and GM Jan Timman 2565 – 5.0

6. GM Evgenij Agrest 2567 – 4.5

7-8. GM Vasilios Kotronias 2611 and GM Kjetil Lie 2558 – 3.0

9. Axel Smith 2428 – 2.5

10. GM Lajos Portisch 2523 – 2.0

Hillarp Persson Reykjavik Daniel Stellwagen square

Tiger Hillarp Persson and Daniel Stellwagen

Kjetil Lie square Jan Timann coffee

Kjetil Lie and Jan Timman

Round 5 report

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