Sigeman & Co – Round 5

the battle of the generations

Cheparinov Sigeman

Cheparinov thinking

Round 5 results:

IM Emil Hermansson – IM Pontus Carlsson 1/2 – 1/2

GM Jonny Hector – GM Ivan Cheparinov 0 – 1

GM Vassilios Kotronias – GM Tiger Hillarp Persson 1/2 – 1/2

GM Erwin l’Ami – GM Emanuel Berg 1/2 – 1/2

GM Parimarjan Negi – GM Jan Timman 1 – 0

The 5th round of Sigeman & Co chess tournament saw fantastic battles between the young hopes of chess and the experienced fighters. The outcome of the encounter is a clear win for the young lions. GM Parimarjan Negi scored a nice win over the coffee lover GM Jan Timman, and GM Ivan Cheparinov finished fast with the resistance of GM Jonny Hector. In the longest game of the day GM Vassilios Kotronias tied with GM Tiger Hillarp Persson thus achieving half a point for the experienced players. In the other games GM Erwin l’Ami divided the point with GM Emanuel Berg, same as IM Emil Hermansson and IM Pontus Carlsson.

The standigs after round 5:

1. GM Ivan Cheparinov 4.0
2. GM Emanuel Berg 3.5
2. GM Tiger Hillarp Persson 3.5
4. GM Erwin l’Ami 2.5
4. GM Parimarjan Negi 2.5
4. IM Pontus Carlsson 2.5
4. GM Vassilios Kotronias 2.5
8. GM Jan Timman 2.0
9. GM Jonny Hector 1.0
9. IM Emil Hermansson 1.0

Preview of the tournament

Report after round 4