Exciting final round at Sigeman & Co!

Cheparinov first, tripple shared second

Cheparinov Sigeman

Cheparinov on his way to victory

Round 9 results:

GM Emanuel Berg – GM Tiger Hillarp Persson 1/2 – 1/2

GM Jan Timman – GM Ivan Cheparinov 1/2 – 1/2

GM Parimarjan Negi – IM Emil Hermansson 1 – 0

GM Erwin l’Ami – GM Jonny Hector 1 – 0

GM Vassilios Kotronias – IM Pontus Carlsson 0 – 1

Interview with the winner Ivan Cheparinov

An exciting finish of the Sigeman & Co 2007! After the clear leader was known from yesterday, the second place was undecided until the last minute. The winner Cheparinov made a quick draw with one of the aspirants, Jan Timman. The game GM Emanuel Berg – GM Tiger Hillarp Persson was the last one to finish, and it was a draw! A triple shared second for Berg, Hillarp Persson, and Timman!

GM Parimarjan Negi recovered from yesterday’s heavy loss and won against IM Emil Hermansson. Negi finishes in the middle of the table. Hermansson finishes last, together with Jonny Hector, who lost against Erwin l’Ami.

IM Pontus Carlsson was the surprise of the tournament. He finished very high for his rating, got half a point from Cheparinov in round 3, and defeated Vassilios Kotronias in the last round.

Final standings:

1. GM Ivan Cheparinov 7.0
2. GM Tiger Hillarp Persson 5.5
2. GM Emanuel Berg 5.5
2. GM Jan Timman 5.5
5. IM Pontus Carlsson 5.0
6. GM Vassilios Kotronias 4.5
7. GM Erwin l’Ami 4.0
7. GM Parimarjan Negi 4.0
9. GM Jonny Hector 2.0
9. IM Emil Hermansson 2.0

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