St. Prokopije weekender

GM Milos Perunovic took the first place on better tiebreak ahead the veteran GM Slobodan Martinovic

Chess club “Kolubara” and FM Radenko Kokanovic have organized a weekend tournament to celebrate the holiday of Kolubara miners. Nine rounds of Swiss system were played and time rate was 15 minutes for the entire game. The event took place on July 15th in Lazarevac, Serbia.

Among 80 participants, there were 9 GMs, 10 IMs and 7 FMs. GM Milos Perunovic, who is enjoying excellent form this year, took the trophy on better tiebreak ahead the veteran GM Slobodan Martinovic. Clear third was GM Ivan Ivanisevic.

Lazarevac Perunovic

GM Milos Perunovic

Final standings:

1-2. GM Milos Perunovic 2589 and GM Slobodan Martinovic 2447 7.5/9

3. GM Ivan Ivanisevic 2595 7.0

4-10. GM Goran Cabrilo 2496, IM Goran Arsovic 2470, GM Vladimir Kostic 2395, IM Radovan Govedarica 2394, GM Sinisa Drazic 2480, IM Zoran Arsovic 2451 and GM Dejan Pikula 2504 6.5

11-14. IM Sasa Velickovic 2404, Milan Bozic, GM Borko Lajthajm 2511 and Dragan Sorgic 2238 6.0 etc

Lazarevac Martinovic Lazarevac Ivanisevic

GM Slobodan Martinovic and GM Ivan Ivanisevic

Report by IA Petar Katanic-Vujic