Youth Movement Continues at U.S. Chess Championships

Report by FM Mike Klein

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Past the halfway point at the 2011 U.S. Chess Championship and U.S. Women’s Championship, the students are schooling the veterans. After four rounds at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis, most of the leaders could not tell you what life what like in the 1980s.

Maintaining her lead in the women’s championship, Baltimore college student WGM Sabina Foisor beat WIM Iryna Zenyuk to get to 3.5/4. She survived a scary-looking rook for knight sacrifice to consolidate and win a queen-and-pawn endgame. Afrer being initially worried, Foisor found the winning path and said she “relaxed because at some point I was worse.” Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura called Foisor his dark-horse pick to win the title.

She kept her half-point lead over IM Irina Krush, who won for the third consecutive day, thus becoming the first player in either championship to do so. This time she took out her Olympiad teammate and longtime rival IM Anna Zatonskih. The two have played many times, including at the last half-dozen U.S. Women’s Championships, but this was Krush’s first win ever in their lifetime series. Krush played the rare 8. g4, which was briefly in vogue more than a decade ago, until then-World Champion Garry Kasparov crushed it as Black. Krush unearthed it from obscurity and briefly caused Zatonskih to hold her head in her hands. After a few minutes, Zatonskih eventually found a reasonable reply, only to be edged much later in the game.

The other two women’s games were also decisive. Just as Foisor and Krush found, the White pieces were for choice this round.

WGM Camilla Baginskaite tore open FM Alisa Melekhina’s kingside to earn the point and get to a plus-one score. WFM Tatev Abrahamyan got to the same score by defeating IM Rusudan Goletiani. Not surprisingly, the four women who won in round four right now hold the four qualifying positions to the semifinals.

In the U.S. Championship, GM Robert Hess continued his torrid play in Group B. As Black, Hess beat GM Alexander Shabalov to get to plus two and a tie for the lead in his group. “I forgot my preparation and had to think for 20 minutes,” Hess said. “I’ve been playing much better with Black than with White. My coach (GM Miron Sher) told me that I should just ask for seven Blacks.” Hess cannot claim to even be a college student yet. The Samford Chess Fellowship recipient said he will attend Yale in the fall after his gap year ends. “It looks like [Hess] is in good form and confident,” said fellow competitor GM Larry Christiansen.

Hess is level with GM-elect Sam Shankland, who equalized in the easiest way against GM Yasser Seirawan. That game got so dull so quickly that Shankland said Seirawan momentarily forgot the 30-move draw rule and offered one on move 21. Shankland reminded him to play to move 30 and the game was duly drawn when they reached the required number.

Shankland said his formation was like an improved Panov-Botvinnik formation, as his light-squared bishop got outside the e-pawn and therefore prevented any attack on h7. He said if Seirawan did not liquidate by exchanging his isolated queen-pawn then he would have been worse. Still, by not gaining any advantage with the move, commentator GM Maurice Ashley said, “This is like giving up,” on the game and the tournament. For his part, Seirawan has remained positive and has stayed after his game every round to chat, analyze and be interviewed.

GM Alexander Onischuk only partially bounced back from his loss yesterday. He drew with GM Gregory Kaidanov but remains one point out of a qualifying spot. Christiansen is still lurking one half-point back, as he could only draw local GM Ben Finegold.

Gata Kamsky square 6

Gata Kamsky

In Group A, the veterans took control. Past champions GM Gata Kamsky and GM Yury Shulman lead the way with three out of four. Both won today. Explaining his opening as Black against GM Jaan Ehlvest, Kamsky said, “I just wanted to develop and not to go into complications right away.” Ashley questioned Ehlvest’s decision to resign so early. “You mean two knights for a rook is not enough?” Kamsky said rhetorically. “These positions are not played at this level. [Ehlvest] used to be a world championship candidate. He knows he will lose and he wants to save his energy.”

GM Ray Robson, leads the teenage brigade in Group A. He won today over GM Alexander Stripunsky’s offbeat opening to get to plus one. Along with Shulman and Kamsky, Robson is the only other player in the group to not have a loss on his card, but he trails them both by a half-point. IM Daniel Naroditsky continued his solid play with this third draw, this one against GM Varuzhan Akobian.

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53rd Torneo di Capodanno in Reggio Emilia – Round Four

Francisco Vallejo Pons extending the lead, Morozevich wins the postponed game

Francisco Vallejo Pons continued his fantastic run in the 53rd Torneo di Capodanno and is convincingly leading with 3.5 points from four games, full point and a half ahead of the huge tie on the second place. With black pieces in round four, Vallejo simply overrun the early leader Nigel Short.

Another win in round four was for Azeri Grandmaster Vugar Gashimov who defeated Michele Godena.

The postponed game between Alexander Morozevich and David Navara was played on January 1st. Russian Grandmaster claimed a victory.

Reggio Emilia Paco Vallejo

Francisco Vallejo Pons presenting his win against Nigel Short

Reggio Emilia Morozevich Fierro

Alexander Morozevich and Martha Fierro

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53rd Reggio Emilia index page

Round 4 results:

Vugar Gashimov – Michele Godena 1-0

Alexander Morozevich – Fabiano Caruana draw

Nigel Short – Francisco Vallejo Pons 0-1

Vassily Ivanchuk – Sergei Movsesian draw

David Navara – Alexander Onischuk draw

Round 1 postponed game (1st January):

Alexander Morozevich – David Navara 1-0

Round 4 standings:

1. Francisco Vallejo Pons ESP 2698 – 3.5

2-8. Alexander Morozevich RUS 2700, Vugar Gashimov AZE 2733, Fabiano Caruana ITA 2709, Sergei Movsesian SVK 2721, Vassily Ivanchuk UKR 2764, Nigel Short ENG 2680 and Alexander Onischuk USA 2683 – 2.0

9. David Navara CZE 2708 – 1.5

10. Michele Godena ITA 2549 – 1.0

Reggio Emilia Movsesian Fierro

Sergei Movsesian and Martha Fierro

Reggio Emilia Onischuk

Alexander Onischuk

Reggio Emilia Gashimov

Vugar Gashimov

Reggio Emilia new year

Dinner on the New Year’s eve

Reggio Emilia new year 1

The players on the Reggio Emilia square

Reggio Emilia new year 2

Fountain decorated in colours of the Italian flag

Reggio Emilia new year 3

Reggio Emilia new year 4

New Year fireworks

Vassily Ivanchuk maintains lead at Capablanca Memorial

Emilio Cordova and Yuniesky Quesada topping the Premier Group

Jermuk Ivanchuk

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The 45th Capablanca Memorial is being held on 10th-22nd June 2010 in Havana, Cuba. The Elite Group is a six-player double round robin with Vassily Ivanchuk as top seed. This is Ivanchuk’s fourth participation in Havana, after he won the tournament back in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Russia is represented by Evgeny Alekseev and Ian Nepomniachtchi, top Cuban players Leinier Dominguez and Lazaro Bruzon present the local challenge and Nigel Short of England is also participating.

After two victories at the start Ivanchuk made draws with Cuban players but still retained first place with full point advantage. Nigel Short defeated Evgeny Alekseev in round four with a beautiful exchange sacrifice and moved back to 50% score. After losing two games with Black in Nimzo-Indian defence, Alekseev remains last with only one point.

Round 3 results:

GM Dominguez Perez Leinier – GM Ivanchuk Vassily ½ – ½

GM Nepomniachtchi Ian – GM Short Nigel D ½ – ½

GM Alekseev Evgeny – GM Bruzon Batista Lazaro ½ – ½

Round 4 results:

GM Ivanchuk Vassily – GM Bruzon Batista Lazaro ½ – ½

GM Short Nigel D – GM Alekseev Evgeny 1 – 0

GM Dominguez Perez Leinier – GM Nepomniachtchi Ian ½ – ½

Round 4 standings:

1. GM Ivanchuk Vassily UKR 2741 - 3.0

2. GM Dominguez Perez Leinier CUB 2713 - 2.0

3. GM Bruzon Batista Lazaro CUB 2668 - 2.0

4. GM Nepomniachtchi Ian RUS 2695 - 2.0

5. GM Short Nigel D ENG 2685 - 2.0

6. GM Alekseev Evgeny RUS 2700 - 1.0

Round 5 pairings:

GM Nepomniachtchi Ian – GM Ivanchuk Vassily

GM Alekseev Evgeny – GM Dominguez Perez Leinier

GM Bruzon Batista Lazaro – GM Short Nigel D

Nigel Short sq

Nigel Short

In addition, there are also Premier Group, a ten-player round robin, and Open tournament with 107 participants. Premier Group is featuring GM Almeida Quintana Omar CUB 2541, GM Quesada Perez Yuniesky CUB 2582, IM Ortiz Suarez Isan Reynaldo CUB 2544, GM Corrales Jimenez Fidel CUB 2590, GM Nogueiras Santiago Jesus CUB 2570, GM Khairullin Ildar RUS 2617, GM Cordova Emilio PER 2552, GM Hernandez Holden CUB 2543, GM Bachmann Axel PAR 2563 and GM Potkin Vladimir RUS 2634.

Peruvian Emilio Cordova and Cuban Yuniesky Quesada are leading the Premier with 3.0 points each. Make sure to review Cordova’s exciting games bellow.

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2nd SCS International Grandmaster Chess tournament

Vaibhav Suri stuns GM Kidambi, three share lead after round four

Experience is what counts, and it showed today as Uzbek Grandmaster Marat Dzhumaev accounted for IM Vikramaditya Kamble in quick time, in the fourth round of the 2nd SCS International Grandmaster Chess tournament at Hotel Swosti Premium, Bhubaneswar, here today. The win took Dzhumaev to 4/4 score along with GMs Maxim Turov and Aleksej Alexandrov, who scored over IMs Venkatesh and Konguvel respectively.

Eighteen players shared the second spot with 3.5 points, including Indian stars Deepan Chakkravarthy, Rahul Sangma, Satyapragyan Swangsyu, Neelotpal Das, Vaibhav Suri, Suvrajit Saha among others.

In another impressive result, Delhi kid Vaibhav Suri scored over Grandmaster Sundararajan Kidambi who took a risk too many in a Caro-Kann game. Conceding an exchange early in the middle game, Kidambi could not hold the attack much against Vaibhav who kept his play going on the queen side. Kidambi gave up on the 45th move, with heavy material deficit deciding the issue.

Calcutta based Suvrajit Saha overcame a stiff resistance from Uzbek Grandmaster Saidali Iuldachev in a queen pawn game that lasted 45 moves. Deft handling of the double rook and minor pieces gave Saha the full point, keeping him on course for a Grandmaster Norm.


Orissa lad Debashis Das watching leader GM Marat Dzhumaev


Local Star International Master Swayansyu Satyapragyan

Round 4 top results:

GM Deepan Chakkravarthy J IND 2488 – GM Dreev Alexey RUS 2655 ½ – ½

GM Turov Maxim RUS 2624 – IM Venkatesh M R IND 2452 1 – 0

GM Neelotpal Das IND 2453 – GM Kovalyov Anton ARG 2615 ½ – ½

GM Aleksandrov Aleksej BLR 2604 – IM Konguvel Ponnuswamy IND 2412 1 – 0

GM Kasparov Sergey BLR 2504 – IM Sangma Rahul IND 2358 ½ – ½

IM Kamble Vikramaditya IND 2412 – GM Dzhumaev Marat UZB 2495 0 – 1

GM Kokarev Dmitry RUS 2612 – IM Situru Nathanael INA 2348 1 – 0

IM Ashwin Jayaram IND 2457 – GM Vorobiov Evgeny E RUS 2612 ½ – ½

GM Pogorelov Ruslan UKR 2454 – GM Bocharov Dmitry RUS 2592 0 – 1

GM Lafuente Pablo ARG 2587 – GM Harutjunyan Gevorg ARM 2460 1 – 0

GM Fier Alexandr BRA 2581 – GM Farago Ivan HUN 2453 1 – 0

IM Praveen Kumar C IND 2391 – GM Hera Imre Jr HUN 2558 0 – 1

GM Kravtsiv Martyn UKR 2546 – IM Debashis Das IND 2400 1 – 0

GM Khusnutdinov Rustam KAZ 2525 – GM Ibrayev Nurlan KAZ 2390 ½ – ½

GM Simonian Hrair ARM 2521 – IM Girinath P D S IND 2389 ½ – ½

Round 4 standings (249 players):

1-3. GM Turov Maxim RUS 2624, GM Aleksandrov Aleksej BLR 2604 and GM Dzhumaev Marat UZB 2495 – 4.0

4-21. GM Kovalyov Anton ARG 2615, GM Kasparov Sergey BLR 2504, GM Dreev Alexey RUS 2655, GM Kokarev Dmitry RUS 2612, GM Deepan Chakkravarthy J IND 2488, GM Bocharov Dmitry RUS 2592, GM Lafuente Pablo ARG 2587, GM Hera Imre Jr HUN 2558, GM Neelotpal Das IND 2453, IM Lalith Babu M R IND 2493, GM Czebe Attila HUN 2480, Vaibhav Suri IND 2347, GM Fier Alexandr BRA 2581, IM Sangma Rahul IND 2358, IM Tirto INA 2358, IM Satyapragyan Swayangsu IND 2463, IM Suvrajit Saha IND 2380 and GM Kravtsiv Martyn UKR 2546 – 3.5 etc

Round 5 top pairings:

GM Dzhumaev Marat UZB 2495 – GM Turov Maxim RUS 2624

GM Dreev Alexey RUS 2655 – GM Aleksandrov Aleksej BLR 2604

GM Kovalyov Anton ARG 2615 – IM Lalith Babu M R IND 2493

GM Deepan Chakkravarthy J IND 2488 – GM Kokarev Dmitry RUS 2612

GM Bocharov Dmitry RUS 2592 – IM Satyapragyan Swayangsu IND 2463

GM Czebe Attila HUN 2480 – GM Lafuente Pablo ARG 2587

GM Neelotpal Das IND 2453 – GM Fier Alexandr BRA 2581

GM Hera Imre Jr HUN 2558 – IM Suvrajit Saha IND 2380

IM Sangma Rahul IND 2358 – GM Kravtsiv Martyn UKR 2546

IM Tirto INA 2358 – GM Kasparov Sergey BLR 2504

GM Vorobiov Evgeny E RUS 2612 – Vaibhav Suri IND 2347

IM Girinath P D S IND 2389 – GM Maletin Pavel RUS 2584

IM Kaiyrbekov Rustam KAZ 2386 – GM Khusnutdinov Rustam KAZ 2525

GM Ismagambetov Anuar KAZ 2524 – IM Shyam Nikil P IND 2385

Russia Superfinal – Round Four

Peter Svidler still leading, Alisa Galliamova with perfect score

Peter Svidler maintains the lead in the men section of the 2009 Russian Superfinal Championship, half a point ahead of Alexander Grischuk, Dmitry Jakovenko and Denis Khismatullin. Svidler drew with Grischuk, while Khismatullin scored a nice win against Sanan Sjugirov. Alexander Riazantsev appears to be completely out of shape and remains sitting on the bottom of the crosstable.

Meanwhile in the women section, Nadezhda Kosintseva was held to her first draw, but Alisa Galliamova is still on the roll and wins fourth consecutive game. Tatiana Kosintseva finally reaches 50%, Romanko and Stepovaia lose again.

Alisa Galliamova sq

Alisa Galliamova (courtesy of the official website)

Round 4 results (men):

Riazantsev – Alekseev 0-1

Tomashevsky – Jakovenko draw

Vitiugov – Timofeev 1-0

Khismatullin – Sjugirov 1-0

Svidler – Grischuk draw


1. Peter Svidler – 3.0

2-4. Alexander Grischuk, Denis Khismatullin and Dmitry Jakovenko – 2.5

5-7. Evgeny Alekseev, Nikita Vitiugov and Evgeny Tomashevsky – 2.0

8-9. Sanan Sjugirov and Artyom Timofeev – 1.5

10. Alexander Riazantsev – 0.5

Round 4 results (women):

Romanko – Gunina 0-1

Stepovaia – Kosintseva, T 0-1

Zaiatz – Bodnaruk draw

Pogonina – Kosintseva, N draw

Manakova – Galliamova 0-1


1. Alisa Galliamova – 4.0

2. Nadezhda Kosintseva – 3.5

3-5. Valentina Gunina, Anastasia Bodnaruk and Natalia Pogonina – 2.5

6. Tatiana Kosintseva – 2.0

7. Elena Zaiatz – 1.5

8. Maria Manakova – 1.0

9. Marina Romanko – 0.5

10. Tatiana Stepovaia – 0.0

Round 3 report

Follow the games live on the official website.

World Chess Cup Round Four

Wesley So, Caruana, Vachier-Lagrave, Bacrot, and Grischuk eliminated after tiebreaks

The fourth round of the 2009 World Chess Cup was concluded on Wednesday with extremely interesting tiebreak matches. Earlier, Sergey Karjakin, Peter Svidler and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov qualified for the next level by winning the classical control matches by 1.5-0.5 each.

Wesley So said in an interview that “to his mind he plays tiebreaks better than classical games”. Today he started aggressive and tried to complicate matters in the first game with black pieces. But Malakhov calmly rejected all attacks and converted into a winning endgame.

In the second game Wesley tried a sharp variation against Malakhov’s reliable Chebanenko Slav, but black did his homework on time and maintained a roughly balanced position. Seeing that the possibilities are limited, Wesley tried to force in a reduced endgame and Malakhov used the chance to score another win.

The young Filipino was probably downhearted when the third game had started, and somewhere in the middlegame he resigned when white breached to the 7th rank.

Nevertheless, this is a fantastic result for the future chess star and we expect to see him shining again at the upcoming Corus Wijk aan Zee.

world cup Wesley Malakhov

Wesley So and Vladimir Malakhov

Fabiano Caruana had a difficult task to find a path through the second-seeded Vugar Gashimov in the quest for quarterfinals. Gashimov won two rapid games, then drew the third and marked an end to Caruana’s fantastic run at the World Cup. Thus, both Azerbaijan players go to the next round, while the Frenchmen Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Etienne Bacrot are packing the bags after losing the tiebreaks to Boris Gelfand and Ruslan Ponomariov respectively.

The quarterfinals are starting on Thursday, with Chessdom live commentary and live game computer analysis.

world cup Pono Bacrot

Ruslan Ponomariov and Etienne Bacrot

world cup Maxime Gelfand

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Boris Gelfand

world cup Vugar Ilya

Vugar Gashimov and respected Russian journalist Ilya Odessky

Round four final results:

Vachier-Lagrave Maxime (FRA) – Gelfand Boris (ISR) 3.5-4.5

Gashimov Vugar (AZE) – Caruana Fabiano (ITA) 3.5-1.5

Shirov Alexei (ESP) - Svidler Peter (RUS) 0.5-1.5

Laznicka Viktor (CZE) – Mamedyarov Shakhriyar (AZE) 0.5-1.5

Karjakin Sergey (UKR) – Vitiugov Nikita (RUS) 1.5-0.5

So Wesley (PHI) – Malakhov Vladimir (RUS) 1-4

Bacrot Etienne (FRA) – Ponomariov Ruslan (UKR) 2.5-3.5

Grischuk Alexander (RUS) – Jakovenko Dmitry (RUS) 3-5

More information on the official website

Round 3 report

Round Four of 2009 Sigeman Tournament

Nigel Short secured first place with one round to go

The highlight of the 4th round in the 2009 Sigeman Co Chess Tournament Nils Grandelius’ beautiful win against his compatriot Emanuel Berg. After the patient build-up, a surprising blow 26.Be6 allowed White to transpose to a winning pawn ending. The five-games round robin tournament is ongoing until 7th June. The playing venue is classical Hipp Theater in central Malmo, for the twelfth time.

Ivan Sokolov comfortably equalised from the Black side of Slav defence versus Tomi Nybäck, and after further exchanges a draw was agreed on move 29.

Nigel Short, who entered today’s round as tournament leader, with perfect score, employed his favourite system against Tiger Hillarp Persson’s Naidorf defence. After some maneuvering, Short sacrificed an exchange, but Swedish top player immediately returned material in order to open the position on king’s flank. Curiously, the balance was established as both players created “electric pawns” in the endgame, thus a draw was inevitable.

Round 4 results:

GM Tomi Nybäck (FIN 2655) – GM Ivan Sokolov (BIH 2669) draw

GM Nigel Short (ENG 2674) – GM Tiger Hillarp Persson (SWE 2618) draw

IM Nils Grandelius (SWE 2491) – GM Emanuel Berg (SWE 2610) 1-0

Round 4 standings:

1. GM Nigel Short – 3½

2-3. IM Nils Grandelius, GM Ivan Sokolov – 2½

4 . GM Tomi Nybäck – 1½

5-6. GM Emanuel Berg, GM Tiger Hillarp Persson – 1

Round 5 pairings:

GM Tiger Hillarp Persson (SWE 2618) – IM Nils Grandelius (SWE 2491)

GM Ivan Sokolov (BIH 2669) – GM Nigel Short (ENG 2674)

GM Emanuel Berg (SWE 2610) – GM Tomi Nybäck (FIN 2655)

Round 3 report

Official website

Kill the King!

Gibtelecom Chess Festival Round Four Report

On 30 January 1649, King Charles I of England was beheaded for treason. 360 years later to the day in Gibraltar there was no treason that we know of, but several players attempted to execute the opposing monarch!

Our first game must have been a huge disappointment for Dutch GM Ivan Sokolov (2657) who held the initiative for the most part, until an unfortunate oversight cost him the game. Still, credit must go to his opponent, Israeli GM Vitali Golod (2575) for spotting the winning combination. Golod moved into a tie for second place with this victory. 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 d5 4.Nc3 dxc4 A delayed Queen’s Gambit Accepted. 5.e3 a6 6.a4 Bb4 7.Bxc4 b6 8.0–0 Bb7 9.Qb3 [9.Qe2 is the most popular continuation by far.] 9…Qe7 10.e4!? This enterprising pawn sacrifice by Sokolov creates an unbalanced position which Black must handle with care. 10…Nxe4 [The alternative 10...Bxc3 11.bxc3 Nxe4 gives White excellent play for the pawn after 12.Re1 0–0 13.Ba3 Nd6 14.d5] 11.Re1 Nc6 12.Rxe4 Na5 13.Qc2 Nxc4 14.d5

Gibraltar r4 2

14…Qc5? [Black can offer more resistance with 14...Na5 15.Bg5 Qc5 16.Be3 Qe7] 15.dxe6 [White misses 15.Qb3 with excellent winning chances. For instance, 15...Na5 (or 15...b5 16.axb5 axb5 17.Rxa8+ Bxa8 18.Be3 Nxe3 19.Rxb4 c6 20.dxe6 Nd5 21.exf7+ Kxf7 22.Ne5+ Kg8 23.Rf4+-) 16.Qxb4 Qxb4 17.Rxb4 exd5 18.Bf4±] 15…0–0 And Black returns the favour. The best plan would have been to castle queenside so that the king could head over to where he would have more pieces to help him out. 16.Rh4 White is back in control. If Black advances either the g or h-pawns to stop the mate on h7, White strengthens his attack with Ne4. 16…f5 17.Na2? After all that hard work, White lets Black right back into the game. [Instead, 17.e7 Rfe8 18.Qb3 b5 19.axb5 axb5 20.Rxa8 Bxa8 21.Be3 Qxe7 22.Nxb5 Bd5 23.Rxc4 Bxc4 24.Qxc4+ Kh8 25.h3 would have brought home the point.] 17…Be4 18.Rxe4 fxe4 19.Qxe4 Rad8

Gibraltar r4 3

[19...Rae8 keeps the balance.] 20.Bg5 [20.Bh6 This attractive move clears the back rank and protects the d1 square. 20...gxh6 21.e7 Qxe7 22.Qxc4+ Qf7 23.Qxb4±] 20…Nd2 21.Bxd2 Rxd2 Although White has surrendered his early initiative, the position is still quite even. 22.Rf1?? But one careless move is all it takes to ruin a good game. 22…Rxb2 23.Nc1 [23.Nxb4 also loses to 23...Rxb4 24.Qe2 Re8 though in less spectacular fashion.] 23…Rxf2! 24.Nd3 R2xf3+! A clever tactic. White resigns as mate cannot be avoided. The King is dead!! 0–1

After conceding a draw in the first round, the rising young Azeri star, GM Vugar Gashimov (2723) was back on the top boards in round 4. He was paired against American GM Varuzhan Akobian (2619), a member of the US team that won the bronze at the Dresden Olympiad. 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 dxe4 4.Nxe4 Nd7 5.Nf3 Ngf6 6.Bg5 h6 7.Nxf6+ Nxf6 The night before, Akobian had conducted a master class entitled “My Trials and Tribulations in the French Defence”. He could hardly have foreseen that on the very next day he would obtain more material for this topic. 8.Be3 Nd5 9.Bd3 Nxe3 10.fxe3 Bd6 11.e4 e5 This sacrifices a pawn to disrupt White’s centre. Black is hoping that White’s doubled e-pawns will prove too weak to hold. 12.dxe5 Bc5

Gibraltar r4 4

Akobian had seen this all before, notably in 2002 at the Imre Koenig Memorial in San Francisco when a young Hikaru Nakamura had played 13. Bc4 against him. Instead, Gashimov follows a suggested improvement. 13.Bb5+ c6 14.Qxd8+ Kxd8 15.Bc4 Ke7 16.c3 The identical position was reached in Leko-Ivanchuk, Morelia/Linares 2007 which continued 16…Be6 17. Bxe6 Kxe6 18. Ke2 Bb6 19. Rhf1 Rhf8 20. Rad1 Rad8 21. Rxd8 Bxd8 22. Rd1 Bc7 with equality. 16…Rd8 17.a4 a6 18.Ke2 Be6 19.Bxe6 Kxe6 20.Rhf1 Rd7 21.Rad1 Rxd1 22.Rxd1

Gibraltar r4 5

22…a5? [A subtle but serious inaccuracy. In a similar position in the Leko-Ivanchuk game, Black pulled his bishop back immediately without giving White time to reposition his knight on d3. As a result, he was able to exert sufficient pressure on the e5 pawn to maintain equality. Black should play 22...Bb6 23.g4 Rd8 24.Rxd8 Bxd8 25.Kd3 Bc7 26.Kd4 Bb6+ 27.Kc4 Ba7=] 23.Ne1! The knight is heading for d3. Taking the e5 pawn now becomes a losing proposition for Black. 23…Kxe5? 24. Nd3+ Kd6 25. e5+ Kd5 26. c4+ Kd4 27. Rf1 with a clear advantage for White. 23…Bg1 24.g3 The addition of the last move pair does not significantly alter the position. 24…Bb6 25.Nd3 White’s doubled e-pawns, far from being weak, are fast becoming an annoyance to Black. 25…Ke7 Black decides to step back to avoid knight checks. 26.g4 Rd8 27.Rf1 Bc7 28.h4 Re8 Black is still trying to eliminate the e5 pawn. 29.h5 Kf8 30.Rf5 Kg8 31.Nc5 b6 32.Nd3 Having provoked …b6, White has denied Black the opportunity to drive White’s rook back with …g6. 32…Re7 33.b4 It is time to initiate action on the other flank. 33…axb4 34.cxb4 Kf8 35.Ke3 Ke8 36.g5 hxg5 37.Rxg5 Kf8 38.Rg2 c5 [The pawn is taboo. 38...Bxe5? 39.Rc2 and Black's overloaded rook cannot defend the c6 pawn.] 39.bxc5 bxc5 40.Rc2 Ke8 41.Kf4 Bb6

Gibraltar r4 6

42.Nb2! Re6 43.Nc4 Bc7 44.a5 White patiently improves his position. He now has the advantage in all sectors of the board. 44…Rf6+ 45.Ke3 Ra6 46.Kd3 Ra7 47.Ra2 Ra6 48.Rg2 Kf8 49.Rb2 Ke7 50.Rb5 Rc6 51.Nb6 Kd8 [The e5 pawn stays alive! 51...Bxe5? 52.a6 Bb8 53.Nd5+ Kd6 54.Rxb8+-] 52.Kc4 Re6 53.Na4 Bxa5 54.Nxc5 A final finesse. 54…Rh6 55.Rxa5 Rxh5 56.Kd5 Black resigns 1–0

Elsewhere Greek GM Vasilios Kotronias (2603) had another excellent win, defeating Indian Pental Harikrishna (2673) in 53 moves with black. Kotronias secured an early edge, and gently applied the pressure until it became unbearable. An impressive victory which gives him the sole lead of the tournament on 4/4 after the other two players on maximum points GM Dzagnidze and GM Socko drew with each other. Peter Svidler (2723) was black against GM Lopez Martinez (2540)

Gibraltar r4 7

Svidler decided to unbalance the position here and give up his queen for a rook, knight and pawn by playing 15…Qxb2 16 Rb1 Qxc2 17 Rd2 Qxc3 18 Qxc3 Nxe4 19 Qe3 Nxd2 20 Qxd2 . However, despite this attempt the game ended in a level position after 31 moves and a draw was agreed.

English IM Stephen Gordon (2524) took another step closer to his final GM norm with a creditable draw with Hungarian GM Ferenc Berkes (2651). Michael Roiz (2647) won nicely against Chanda Sandipan (2568)

Gibraltar r4 8

Although material is level and the bishops are of opposite colours, whites pressure on the f7 pawn, coupled with the fact that blacks queenside pawn majority is going nowhere means that white is totally winning. The game ended quickly 48.f5 h5+ 49.Kf4 gxf5 50.exf5 Bf2 51.f6+ 1–0. The king must leave the f7 pawn, and then the king will soon fall himself!

Sometimes you have to keep cool in chess. How about this for a demonstration of cool from Alexander Beliavsky (2646) after his opponent Kristian Szabo (2508) has just played 42 Qd5, threatening to take on f7 with check. How would you defend the threat?

Gibraltar r4 9

Beliavsky simply ignores it with 42…Bc5! when, after 43.Qxf7+ Kh6 white has no checks and the end comes quickly with 44.Nd4 Nf4 45.Ke1 Rg1+ 0–1

GM Boris Avrukh and GM Mikhail Gurevich both won also to complete the group of eight players on 3½/4.

Finally, GM Nakamura (2699) was made to work hard for his point by Mexican IM Uriel Capo Vidal (2336). Nakamura had clearly worked on the two knights v pawn ending following the Sokolov v Trent ending! After 72 moves of stoic play the following position was reached

Gibraltar r4 10

Here black can perhaps hold the position after 72…Rh7 when 73 Nd7 is met by Rh1. However, incredibly accurate defence is required. Unfortunately, black played 72…Rf6 and the ruthless American countered with 73 Kc7 Ka8 74 Nd7 1-0

Round 5 should be just as exciting. Watch the games live at

Report compiled by Sean Hewitt with games annotated by Sunil Weeramantry

Six players leading at the Politiken Cup

The festival is taking place on 17-26th July

Four rounds of the 2008 Politiken Cup have been played and so far six players are sharing the lead with perfect score. This massive open tournament with 280 players and strongest participation ever is also acting as 30th Copenhagen Open. The event consists of 10 rounds of FIDE Swiss, last year winner was GM Michal Krasenkow.

Round 4 results:

GM Vladimir Malakhov – GM Alexander A. Evdokimov 1-0

GM Artur Kogan – GM Michael Roiz draw

GM Peter Heine Nielsen – GM Sune Berg Hansen draw

GM Alexei Iljushin – GM Sergey Tiviakov draw

GM Michal Krasenkow – GM Jonny Hector 1-0

GM Jacob Aagaard – GM Bartosz Socko 1-0

GM Konstantin Landa – GM Tiger Hillarp-Persson 1-0

IM Monika Socko – GM Mikheil Mchedlishvili draw

GM Emanuel Berg – GM Stellan Brynell draw

IM Jens Kristiansen – GM Vitali Golod 0-1

GM Yurij Kuzubov – IM Ashwin Jayaram draw

Round 4 standings:

1-6. GM Jacob Aagaard 2531, GM Vitali Golod 2578, GM Michal Krasenkow 2639, GM Konstantin Landa 2615, GM Vladimir Malakhov 2689 and GM Boris Savchenko 2578 – 4.0

7-24. GM Sergey Tiviakov 2645, GM Sune Berg Hansen 2542, GM Michael Roiz 2680, GM Peter Heine Nielsen 2652, GM Emanuel Berg 2592, IM Monika Socko 2473, GM Mikheil Mchedlishvili 2604, GM Artur Kogan 2569, GM Yurij Kuzubov 2578, IM Ashwin Jayaram 2436, IM Oliver Kurmann 2394, GM Alexei Iljushin 2546, Jonathan Carlstedt 2203, GM Pavel Eljanov 2716, GM Stellan Brynell 2468, IM Jop Delemarre 2467, FM Erik Hedman 2363 and IM Viktorija Cmilyte 2508 – 3½ etc

(280 players)

Politiken Vladimir Malakhov Politiken Michal Krasenkov

Perfect score after four rounds: GM Vladimir Malakhov and GM Michal Krasenkow

Round 5 pairings:

GM Vitali Golod – GM Vladimir Malakhov

GM Boris Savchenko – GM Michal Krasenkow

GM Jacob Aagaard – GM Konstantin Landa

GM Pavel Eljanov – IM Viktorija Cmilyte

GM Michael Roiz – IM Monika Socko

GM Stellan Brynell – GM Peter Heine Nielsen

GM Sergey Tiviakov – IM Jop Delemarre

GM Mikheil Mchedlishvili – IM Oliver Kurmann

GM Sune Berg Hansen – GM Emanuel Berg

FM Erik Hedman – GM Yurij Kuzubov

IM Ashwin Jayaram – GM Artur Kogan

More information on the official website

Politiken 2008 Opening

Politiken Cup opening ceremony

The top-seeded player GM Pavel Eljanov played a simul prior to the tournament start. The final score was 16.5-3.5; Odd Martin Guttelsrod beat the GM, while Trine Treppendahl, Klaus Poulsen, Flemming Bo Larsen, Thomas Schou-moldt and Søren Holm Jensen drew their games.

Politiken Eljanov3 simul

Challengers surrounded by kibitzers

Politiken Eljanov1 simul

GM Pavel Eljanov in action

Politiken Eljanov2 simul

Dortmund R4 – Nepomniachtchi Wins

other three games drawn

Round 4 results:

Vladimir Kramnik 2788 – Peter Leko 2741 ½ – ½

Ian Nepomniachtchi 2634 – Loek Van Wely 2677 1 – 0

Jan Gustafsson 2603 – Vassily Ivanchuk 2740 ½ – ½

Arkadij Naiditsch 2624 – Shakhriyar Mamedyarov 2752 ½ – ½

Round 4 standings:

1-3. Jan Gustafsson 2603, Ian Nepomniachtchi 2634 and Peter Leko 2741 – 2.5

4-6. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov 2752, Vladimir Kramnik 2788 and Arkadij Naiditsch 2624 – 2.0

7. Vassily Ivanchuk 2740 – 1.5

8. Loek Van Wely 2677 – 1.0

Round 5 (Friday, July 4th) pairings:

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov 2752 – Vladimir Kramnik 2788

Peter Leko 2741 – Ian Nepomniachtchi 2634

Loek Van Wely 2677 – Jan Gustafsson 2603

Vassily Ivanchuk 2740 – Arkadij Naiditsch 2624

Cautious First Round at Dortmund 2008

Burning Stage in Dortmund (Round 2)

Naiditsch Smashed Kramnik’s Petroff (Round 3)

Morozevich leading after four rounds of 2008 Bosna tournament

23rd May – 2nd June 2008 in Sarajevo, BIH

The 18th category Bosna 2008 tournament is currently ongoing in Sarajevo, BIH. In the first four rounds, there have been only three decided games out of twelve played. Alexander Morozevich won two of them and is enjoying a half-point lead ahead of Lenier Dominguez Perez, the fresh winner of the 2008 Capablanca Memorial.

Bosnian native Ivan Sokolov, who is now playing under the flag of Netherlands, and Russian Artyom Timofeev are on tied third, having drawn all games so far. Last year Bosna winner Sergei Movsesian had excellent results at the 2008 Corus and European Individual Championship, but here we are still waiting for his first win. Sergei will break the magical 2700 FIDE elo barrier on the next list and he is also famous for standing up against Kasparov’s elitism eight years ago.

Leinier Dominguez morozevich

Lenier Dominguez Perez and Alexander Morozevich

Local wonderboy Borki Predojevic, who delighted everyone by finishing 2nd last year, is still struggling to find his best shape and is currently last-placed.

Round 4 standings:

1. Alexander Morozevich (RUS 2774) – 3.0

2. Lenier Dominguez Perez (CUB 2695) – 2.5

3-4. Ivan Sokolov (NED 2690) and Artyom Timofeev (RUS 2664) – 2.0

5. Sergei Movsesian (SVK 2695) – 1.5

6. Borki Predojevic (BIH 2651) – 1.0

IM Mert Erdogdu (TUR 2434), GM Goran Cabrilo (SRB 2498), GM Miodrag R.Savic (SRB 2542), IM Dalibor Stojanovic (BIH 2474) and GM Dragan Kosic (MNE 2500) are leading at the 10-player round-robin B tournament with 2.5 points each.

Tournament website

Vassily Ivanchuk Unstoppable

4th Consecutive Win at the 2008 Mtel Masters

Mtel Masters 2008: General page / Photos from Mtel

Mtel Masters live: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Topalov – Ivanchuk / Radjabov – Aronian

Report: Round 1 / Round 2 / Round 3

Round 4 results:

Ivanchuk Vassily 2740 UKR 1 – 0 Cheparinov Ivan 2695 BUL

Radjabov Teimour 2751 AZE ½ – ½ Topalov Veselin 2767 BUL

Bu Xiangzhi 2708 CHN ½ – ½ Aronian Levon 2763 ARM

Tomorrow (14 CET): Live game commentary by GM Vladimir Dimitrov and live blog with the Chessdom team in Sofia. GM Paco Vallejo, second of Veselin Topalov, will be a special guest. See you there!

Vassily Ivanchuk is flying off to a wonderful start with four consecutive wins at the 2008 Mtel Masters, already holding a 1.5 distance ahead of 2nd placed Veselin Topalov. Ivanchuk won with white pieces against Ivan Cheparinov in, what was pleasant surprise for many fans, already forgotten main variation of the King’s Indian defence. GM Erwin l’Ami, trainer of Ivan Cheparinov, joined Chessdom team during the live blogging session, sharing opinions about the game and impressions from his stay in Bulgaria. The other two games, Bu Xiangzhi – Levon Aronian and Teimour Radjabov – Veselin Topalov, finished in correct draws.

Mtel Masters cage 5

The players are using chairs from the 17th century. Veselin Topalov’s chair will be offered for auction after the tournament – bids starting from 750 Euro

Seattle, USA will join The Grand Slam in 2009, China to be ready for 2010

“The Grand Slam has already 3 tournaments in Europe and one in Latin America – Mexico City. From next year – 2009, USA will join the Grand Slam with a super tournament in Seattle with prize fund of USD 750 000. I think it would be perfect if the 6th tournament takes place in Asia, especially in China”, said Silvio Danailov, Director of the super chess tournament M-Tel Masters.

China is not only becoming an economic power but also a chess power and the number of the fans of this sport is increasing quickly in that country. This is very noticeable as Chinese media are presently paying a lot of attention to M-Tel Masters 2008 that is currently taking place in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. The tournament’s official web site has a complete version in Chinese, which happens for the first time in the history of super chess tournaments. This way chess fans in China can read news and interviews about the competition in their own language, follow the games live and also the performance of the Chinese player Bu Xiangzhi that is participating in this year’s edition of the traditional tournament.

Sponsors might be attracted not only by the Chinese market, but also by the publicity they can get from the international coverage that a high-class tournament receives from the foreign media. Conversations with local partners have already started and are expected to continue in the near future, looking for China to become host of a Grand Slam Chess Association tournament.

Current standings:

1. Ivanchuk Vassily 2740 UKR – 4.0

2. Topalov Veselin 2767 BUL – 2.5

3-5. Radjabov Teimour 2751 AZE, Cheparinov Ivan 2695 BUL and Aronian Levon 2763 ARM – 1.5

6. Bu Xiangzhi 2708 CHN – 1.0

Round 5 pairings:

Aronian Levon 2763 ARM – Ivanchuk Vassily 2740 UKR

Cheparinov Ivan 2695 BUL – Radjabov Teimour 2751 AZE

Topalov Veselin 2767 BUL – Bu Xiangzhi 2708 CHN

Mtel Masters Aronian 2

Levon Aronian

Mtel Masters Bu

Bu Xiangzhi

Mtel Masters Cheparinov

Ivan Cheparinov

Mtel Masters Ivanchuk

Vassily Ivanchuk

GM Chanda Sandipan leading the Gausdal Classics GM-group A

GM Gregory Kaidanov is second. Round 4 crosstables and games

Round 4 of the 2008 Gausdal Classics’ GM-group A was relatively peaceful, with only GM Chanda Sandipan achieving a victory after bypassing Eric Moskow’s favorite Dragon Sicilian and enduring struggle in the endgame. GM Geetha Narayanan Gopal, the other Indian representative in the main group, couldn’t break IM Hole’s Caro-Kann and had to agree on point split at move 51. GM Kjetil A Lie held top seeded GM Vasilios Kotronias to a draw after the positional pawn sacrifice, while Americans Krush and Kaidanov drew Macieja and Ikonnikov shortly after reaching into middlegames.

gausdal 2008

Polish FM Arkadiusz Leniart is surprising leader in the GM-group B, accompanied with Indian IMs Kidambi and Prasad. Many Grandmasters are left behind in the bulk of players with 2.5 points. Local players Jathavan Suntharanlingam and Jon Kristian Haarr are holding top positions in the ELO-Group. Saturday’s evening program includes chess lectures with IM/WGM Irina Krush and GM Bartlomiej Macieja.

More Gausdal Classics coverage on the official website.

GM-group A Round 4 standings:

1. GM Chanda Sandipan (IND 2585) – 3.5

2. GM Gregory Kaidanov (USA 2596) – 3.0

3. GM Kjetil A Lie (NOR 2558) – 2.5

4-7. GM Geetha Naraynan Gopal (IND 2562) – 2.0

4-7. IM Irina Krush (USA 2479) – 2.0

4-7. GM Bartlomiej Macieja (POL 2599) – 2.0

4-7. GM Vasilios Kotronias (GRE 2611) – 2.0

8. GM Vyacheslav Ikonnikov (RUS 2578) – 1.5

9. IM Øystein Hole (NOR 2387) – 1.0

10. Eric Moskow (USA 2229) – 0.5

GM-group B round 4 standings:

1-3. FM Arkadiusz Leniart (POL 2324), IM Sundararjan Kidambi (IND 2441) and IM Arun Prasad (IND 2465) – 3.5

4-8. GM Aloyzas Kveinys (LIT 2515), IM Espen Lie (NOR 2440), GM Ralf Åkesson (SWE 2466), GM Felix Levin (GER 2546) and IM Mathias Womacka (GER 2445) – 3.0 etc (58 players)

ELO-group round 4 standings:

1-2. Jathavan Suntharanlingam NOR 1888 and Jon Kristian Haarr NOR 1930 – 3.5

3-9. Terje Lund NOR 2084, Jan Persson SWE 2019, Per Johansson SWE 2009, Leif Oskar Bjornes NOR 1916, Terje Torgersen NOR 2076, Hafsteinn Agustsson ISL 1964 and Tobias R.Bøje DEN 1961 – 3.0 etc (50 players)

Irina Krush square 5

IM Irina Krush

Games from GM-group A

Wesley So with performance 3104!

Wesley So defeats Ahmed Adly, leads Dubai Open

Round 1 / Round 2 / Round 3

chessdom logo

GM Wesley So is top of the table of the Dubai chess open 2008 with performance over 3100. The young chess star has defeated the world U20 chess champion GM Ahmed Adly and is leading with full 4,0/4.

With the same points is FM Salem, however, Wesley So has better tiebreak (sum of the ratings of the opponents) and is currently first. In the next round GM Wesley So and FM Salem will face each other in an important game for first place.

The top spots at the Dubai chess open are to be decided, as more than 30 players are with 3,0/4. Among them we find the top seed participants GM Gelashvili, GM Gagunashvili, IM Sachdev , GM Ramesh, GM Negi, etc. Here are the full standings, results, and pairings.

Dubai Open standings

1 GM So Wesley 4,0

2 FM Salem A R Saleh 4,0

3 GM Gelashvili Tamaz 3,5

4 GM Gupta Abhijeet 3,5

5 GM Drozdovskij Yuri 3,5

6 GM Kotanjian Tigran 3,5

7 GM Kotsur Pavel 3,5

8 GM Gagunashvili Merab 3,5

9 Sadatnajafi M 3,0

10 GM Ibrahimov Rasul 3,0

11 GM Ibrayev Nurlan 3,0

12 IM Sadorra Julio Catalino 3,0

13 GM Adly Ahmed 3,0

14 GM Li Chao B 3,0

15 GM Kuzubov Yuriy 3,0

16 GM Pantsulaia Levan 3,0

17 FM Moosavian S Hamed 3,0

18 Zhou Weiqi 3,0

19 IM Ashwin Jayaram 3,0

20 IM Ismagambetov Anuar 3,0

21 GM Neverov Valeriy 3,0

22 GM Ramesh R B 3,0

23 IM Sachdev Tania 3,0

24 GM Ghaem Maghami Ehsan 3,0

25 Wang Li 3,0

26 GM Gleizerov Evgeny 3,0

27 GM Arutinian David 3,0

28 IM Frhat Ali 3,0

29 GM Guliev Sarhan 3,0

30 IM Mas Hafizulhelmi 3,0

31 GM Negi Parimarjan 3,0

32 Nasri Amin 3,0

33 FM Soozankar A M 2,5

34 IM Laxman R R 2,5

35 D’cuna Antonio V. 2,5

36 IM Bajarni Ilgar 2,5

37 GM Guseinov Gadir 2,5

38 GM Safarli Eltaj 2,5

39 WGM Smokina Karolina 2,5

40 IM Tissir Mohamed 2,5

41 IM Ravi Lanka 2,5

42 Phadke Sohan 2,5

43 Noroozi Omid 2,5

44 IM Hassan Abdullah 2,5

45 Momeni E 2,5

46 IM Guliev Logman 2,5

47 IM Durarbeyli Vasif 2,5

48 IM El Taher Fouad 2,5

chessdom logo

Results round 4

GM Gagunashvili Merab 3 ½ – ½ 3 GM Drozdovskij Yuri

GM So Wesley 3 1 – 0 3 GM Adly Ahmed

GM Gupta Abhijeet 3 ½ – ½ 3 GM Kotsur Pavel

FM Salem A R Saleh 3 1 – 0 3 Zhou Weiqi

GM Gelashvili Tamaz 2½ 1 – 0 2½ GM Safarli Eltaj

IM Ashwin Jayaram 2½ ½ – ½ 2½ GM Kuzubov Yuriy

GM Arutinian David 2½ ½ – ½ 2½ GM Ibrahimov Rasul

GM Li Chao B 2½ ½ – ½ 2½ IM Sadorra Julio Catalino

GM Kotanjian Tigran 2½ 1 – 0 2½ IM Laxman R R

GM Ibrayev Nurlan 2½ ½ – ½ 2 GM Guseinov Gadir

IM Sharma Dinesh K 2 0 – 1 2 GM Pantsulaia Levan

GM Ghaem Maghami Ehsan 2 1 – 0 2 WGM Zhang Jilin

GM Neverov Valeriy 2 1 – 0 2 FM Wu Xibin

GM Gleizerov Evgeny 2 1 – 0 2 FM Grover Sahaj

GM Negi Parimarjan 2 1 – 0 2 FM Arvind C J

IM Kalegin Evgenij 2 0 – 1 2 Sadatnajafi M

IM Ismagambetov Anuar 2 1 – 0 2 Praveen Kumar C

GM Guliev Sarhan 2 1 – 0 2 FM Alhuwar Jasem

IM Bajarni Ilgar 2 ½ – ½ 2 IM El Taher Fouad

GM Ramesh R B 2 1 – 0 2 WIM Pourkashiyan Atousa

IM Tissir Mohamed 2 ½ – ½ 2 WGM Smokina Karolina

IM Guliev Logman 2 ½ – ½ 2 FM Soozankar A M

IM Khader Sami 2 ½ – ½ 2 D’cuna Antonio V.

FM Othman A Moussa 2 0 – 1 2 IM Sachdev Tania

WGM Sergeeva Maria 2 0 – 1 2 Wang Li

FM Moosavian S Hamed 2 1 – 0 2 Nikzaban Ehsan

IM Mas Hafizulhelmi 2 1 – 0 2 Tabada Jobannie C

WGM Ramaswamy Aarthie 2 0 – 1 2 IM Frhat Ali

Momeni E 2 ½ – ½ 2 IM Ravi Lanka

Nasri Amin 2 1 – 0 2 Arellano Robert

IM Durarbeyli Vasif 1½ 1 – 0 2 Paul Dargan

Noroozi Omid 1½ 1 – 0 1½ IM Nedochetov Mikhail

IM Hassan Abdullah 1½ 1 – 0 1½ Al Sulaiti Ali

IM El Arousy Abdulhameed 1½ ½ – ½ 1½ CM Haridas K

Ali Obay 1½ 0 – 1 1½ Phadke Sohan

Debashis Das 1 1 – 0 1½ Tejas Ravichandran

WFM Swati Mohota 1 ½ – ½ 1 WGM Mohota Nisha

FM Mohannad Farhan 1 ½ – ½ 1 Gaponenko Leonid

chessdom logo

Pairings round 5

GM So Wesley 4 - 4 FM Salem A R Saleh

GM Kotsur Pavel 3½ - 3½ GM Gelashvili Tamaz

GM Drozdovskij Yuri 3½ - 3½ GM Gupta Abhijeet

GM Kotanjian Tigran 3½ – 3½ GM Gagunashvili Merab

GM Pantsulaia Levan 3 – 3 IM Ismagambetov Anuar

GM Guliev Sarhan 3 - 3 GM Ghaem Maghami Ehsan

GM Kuzubov Yuriy 3 - 3 GM Ramesh R B

IM Sadorra Julio Catalino 3 - 3 GM Arutinian David

IM Ashwin Jayaram 3 – 3 GM Li Chao B

GM Adly Ahmed 3 - 3 FM Moosavian S Hamed

IM Sachdev Tania 3 - 3 GM Neverov Valeriy

Zhou Weiqi 3 - 3 IM Mas Hafizulhelmi

Wang Li 3 - 3 GM Gleizerov Evgeny

GM Ibrahimov Rasul 3 - 3 Nasri Amin

IM Frhat Ali 3 - 3 GM Negi Parimarjan

Russian team chess championship round 4

Results, standings, games

Politekhnik were aware that Ural from Yekaterinburg is tough challenge and decided to practically surrender the match by resting top two boards. Ural was efficient and scored 4-2 win which leaves them in the sole lead. Economist 1 were stopped by “64″ from Moscow and are now sharing the 2nd place with Shatar Buryatia.

Round 4 results:

64 (Moscow) – Economist 1 (Saratov) 3.5:2.5

GM Boris Gelfand – GM Evgeny Alekseev 1-0

GM Sergey Rublevsky – GM Evgeny Tomashevsky draw

GM Ian Nepomniachtchi – GM Pavel Eljanov draw

GM Wang Hao – GM Ni Hua draw

GM Evgeny Bareev – GM Michael Roiz draw

GM Maxim Rodshtein – GM Alexander Moiseenko draw

Ural (Yekaterinburg) – Politekhnik (Nizhny Tagil) 4:2

GM Teimour Radjabov – GM Boris Grachev 1-0

GM Alexei Shirov – GM Igor Lysyj draw

GM Alexander Grischuk – GM Dimitri Bocharov 1-0

GM Vladimir Malakhov – GM Pavel Maletin 1-0

GM Vladimir Akopian – GM Dimitry Kokarev 0-1

GM Alexei Dreev – GM Roman Ovetchkin draw

Shatar Buryatia – Tomsk 400 3.5:2.5

GM Vugar Gashimov – GM Alexander Morozevich 0-1

GM Bu Xiangzhi – GM Sergey Karjakin 1-0

GM Pavel Tregubov – GM Dimitry Jakovenko 0-1

GM Boris Avrukh – GM Loek Van Wely draw

GM Farukh Ammonatov – GM Artyom Timofeev 1-0

GM Alexander Lastin – GM Andrei Kharlov 1-0

South Ural (Chelyabinsk) – Economist 2 (Saratov) 2.5:3.5

GM Anatoly Karpov – GM Dimitry Andreikin draw

GM Alexander Riazantsev – GM Alexander Evdokimov draw

GM Igor Kurnosov – GM Alexei Iljushin draw

GM Evgeny Romanov – GM Evgeny Shaposhnikov draw

IM Pavel Ponkratov – GM Sergey Djachkov draw

IM Sergey Matsenko – GM Alexander Kovchan 0-1

SHSM (Moscow) – Spasio-Swiss (Moscow) 3:3

GM Alexander Onischuk – GM Ruslan Ponomariov draw

GM Karen Asrian – GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov draw

GM Ivan Popov – GM Ernesto Inarkiev draw

GM Sergey Grigoriants – GM Vladislav Tkachiev draw

GM Vladimir Potkin – GM Denis Khismatullin draw

GM Boris Savchenko – GM Vladimir Kosyrev draw

TPS Saransk (Saransk) – Finek Gazprom (Sankt Petersburg) 3:3

GM Vassily Ivanchuk – GM Peter Svidler draw

GM Konstantin Sakaev – GM Vadim Zvjaginsev draw

GM Andrei Volotkin – GM Sergey Movsesjan draw

GM Sergey Volkov – GM David Navara draw

GM Evgeniy Najer – GM Maxim Turov 1-0

GM Valery Popov – GM Vassily Yemelin 0-1

Current Standings

Team / Match points / Game points (click here for the team lists)

1. Ural (Yekaterinburg) 8 (16.5)

2-3. Economist 1 (Saratov) 6 (14.0)

2-3. Shatar Buryatia 6 (13.0)

4-5. Finek Gazprom (Sankt Petersburg) 5 (12.5)

4-5. 64 (Moscow) 5 (12.5)

6-8. SHSM (Moscow) 4 (12.5)

6-8. TPS Saransk (Saransk) 4 (12.0)

6-8. Spasio-Swiss (Moscow) 4 (11.5)

9-10. Politekhnik (Nizhny Tagil) 3 (11.0)

9-10. Economist 2 (Saratov) 3 (10.0)

11-12. South Ural (Chelyabinsk) 0 (9.5)

11-12. Tomsk 400 0 (9.0)

Selected games from round 4:

2008 Doeberl Cup – Round 4

Small controversy about the anti-draw rule, selected games and videos

Temperature at the O2C Doeberl Cup is increasing as the competition goes on. Introduction of the anti-draw rules was wonderful move by the organizers and the percentage of decided games remains high even at the stage when titled players are paired against eachother. There was some controversy regarding the rule and in the game GM Antic – IM Kizov, see the first Ian Rogers’ video for clarification.

Local fans are certainly pleased after Darryl Johansen defeated the 2nd seeded Belgian Vadim Malakhatko in the 4th round. Australian Grandmaster is sitting alone on the top of the crosstable with perfect score. Five Grandmasters are closely following from the half point distance after all of them achieved wins in the 4th round.

Round 4 standings:

1. GM Darryl K Johansen (AUS 2475) 4.0

2-5. GM Zhong Zhang (SIN 2617), GM Gawain Jones (ENG 2562), GM S. Ganguly (IND 2579), GM Dejan Antic (SRB 2480) and GM Varuzhan Akobian (USA 2599) 3.5 etc

Top round 5 pairings:

2599 GM Varuzhan Akobian (3.5) – GM Darryl K Johansen (4.0) 2475

2562 GM Gawain Jones (3.5) – GM Zhong Zhang (3.5) 2617

2579 GM S. Ganguly (3.5) – GM Dejan Antic (3.5) 2480

2600 Vadim GM Malakhatko (3.0) – IM Hafizulhelmi Mas (3.0) 2382

Amiel Rosario reports that unfortunately two Grandmasters had to withdraw from the event for different reasons. You can also follow live updates on his blog before and after each of the rounds.

GM Ian Rogers, who is holding a record of 12 first places at the Doeberl Cup, is impressing the audience with analysis during and after the live games. Here are two videos, more can be found on the official website.

Cappelle La Grande chess tournament

round 4 giant photo report

Only 4 rounds have passed of Cappelle la Grande and we have no player with perfect score. The first positions are occupied by GM Yuriy Krivoruchko, GM Valeriy Aveskulov, GM Thomas Luther, GM Murtas Kazhgaleyev, GM Meelis Kanep, GM Boris Gulko, GM Konstantin Chernyshov, IM Vasily Papin, WIM Sarah Hoolt, and IM Andrei Deviatkin, all with 3,5/4. They are followed by more than 50 players with 3,0 among which Petrosian, Vitiugov, Savchenko, Gashimov, Dzagnidze, Lopez Salgado, Fedorchuk, etc.

Official site

Results by rounds

Photo report by WIM Anna Rudolf

Cappelle 4 castineira chernyshov

Castineira vs Chernyshov
And the fantastic playing hall of Cappelle la Grande full of over 600 players

Cappelle 4 kasparov

On the left, Kasparov in action at Cappelle la Grande 2008
This is Sergey Kasparov from Belarous, he looks very much like Garry in action, doesn’t he?

Cappelle 4 hammer petrosian

One of the big games, GM Hammer vs. GM Petrosian

Cappelle 4 fedorchuk rasmussen

Fedorchuk vs. Rasmussen

Cappelle 4 rozentalis

GM Rozentalis vs. WGM Alina Motoc
read an interview with GM Rozentalis here

Cappelle 4 vovk panarin

Vovk vs Panarin after their game

Cappelle 4 l'ami motoc

L’Ami and Motoc, yet another chess couple

Photos from the organizers

Cappelle 4 - BOYARCHENKO-Marie-square

Our good friend Marie Boyarchenko in action at Cappelle la Grande

Capelle 4 - CHULIVSKA-Vita-square

Vita Chulivska in the first round of the competition

Capelle 4 - EFROIMSKI-Marsel-square

Marsel Efroimski, the U12 World Chess Champion

Capelle 4 - DEVIATKIN-ANDREI-square

Andrei Deviatkin currently on top of the standings

Capelle 4 - GULKO-BORIS-square

Boris Gulko will face Meelis Kanep today, both with 3,5/4

Capelle 4 - HORTENSIUS-Lisa-square

Lisa Hortensius in deep thought

Capelle 4 - KARLOVICH-Anastazia-square

Anastazia Karlovich waiting for the game to begin

Capelle 4 - KOZAK-Magdalena-square

Magdalena Kozak before the start of round 2

Capelle 4 - SIMUTOWE-AMON-square

Amon Simutowe, “It is a bit cold in France!”

Capelle 4 - PAPIN-VASILY-square

Vasily Papin, one more of the leaders

Capelle 4 - RUDOLF-Anna-square

And your photo reporter Anna Rudolf in deep thought

Carlsen and Aronian still leading Corus A

Kramnik scores first win, Gelfand and Topalov lose again

Corus A

Magnus Carlsen and Levon Aronian played a fighting draw, but remained in the lead as Teimour Radjabov was held by fellow Azeri Shakhryar Mamedyarov. Judit Polgar stormed on Boris Gelfand’s king in her trademarked fashion and forced him to resign right after the time control. Vladimir Kramnik tied Pavel Eljanov all around right from the opening to reach a pleasant endgame with extra pawn. This was like playing in Kramnik’s backyard and he safely converted the advantage to earn first full point in Corus. The longest game of the day was again the one of Loek van Wely, but this time he managed to win being exchange up, the victim was Veselin Topalov. Full standings.

Join us tomorrow for the LIVE commentary of derby games Ivanchuk-Carlsen and Aronian-Anand!

Round 4 results

L. van Wely – V. Topalov 1-0

B. Gelfand – J. Polgar 0-1

P. Leko – V. Ivanchuk ½-½

M. Carlsen – L. Aronian ½-½

V. Anand – M. Adams ½-½

V. Kramnik – P. Eljanov 1-0

T. Radjabov – S. Mamedyarov ½-½

Gelfand-Polgar Corus 2008

Boris Gelfand – Judit Polgar

Carlsen-Aronian Corus 2008

Magnus Carlsen – Levon Aronian

Corus B

Corus B was more quiet than in earlier rounds, with five games finishing in draws. Ivan Cheparinov, probably angry after losing to Jan Smeets in third round, blasted Russian junior Ian Nepomniachtchi off the board. Ian helped him though, by collecting too many pawns in the sharp Moskow variation. Pentala Harikrishna beats underdog IM Wouter Spoelman to join the leading Jan Smeets and Etienne Bacrot. Full standings.

Round 4 results

N. Short – H. Koneru ½-½

G. Sargissian – E. L’Ami ½-½

I. Cheparinov – I. Nepomniachtchi 1-0

M. Krasenkow – J. Smeets ½-½

E. Bacrot – S. Movsesian ½-½

P. Harikrishna – W. Spoelman 1-0

Y. Hou – D. Stellwagen ½-½

Ivan Cheparinov square 2 Ian Nepomniachtchi square

Ivan Cheparinov – Ian Nepomniachtchi 1-0

Corus C

IM Alik Braun is now the only player in Corus to have perfect score after four rounds. He won against IM van der Werf, while Fabiano Caruana had to concede to a draw against GM Dmitri Reinderman. Swedish GM Pontus Carlsson approaches the top by scoring another win, this time against the local Dennis Ruijgrok. Full standings.

Round 4 results

I. Krush – E. Grivas 0-1

F. Caruana – D. Reinderman ½-½

P. Carlsson – D. Ruijgrok 1-0

A. Braun – M. van der Werf 1-0

J. van der Wiel – Z. Peng ½-½

S. Li – P. Negi 0-1

A. Ushenina – F. Nijboer 0-1

Reggio Emilia round 4

Four Grandmasters heading the field with 2.5 points

Round 3:

Konstantin Landa engaged in a sharp Hedgehog with the top expert Mihail Marin. He bravely sacrificed an exchange for attack, but Mihail Marin defended accurately and forced Landa to seek for moves repetition. Marin, however, refused the draw and continued to play on, but Landa found a fantastic resource in creating a passed h-pawn, which eventually won him the game.

David Navara and Vugar Gashimov played a popular line of Benoni defence. Navara run into a forced sequence of moves which cost him a pawn after the intermediate 20…Nc3. All later attempts to save the game were futile because opposite-colored Bishop combined with a Queen was powerful attacking battery.

Round 4 results:

Viktor Korchnoi (SUI 2611) – Hua Ni (CHN 2641) draw

Sergey Tiviakov (NED 2643) – Michele Godena (ITA 2535) 1-0

Mihail Marin (ROM 2551) – Vugar Gashimov (AZE 2663) draw

Pentala Harikrishna (IND 2668) – David Navara (CZE 2656) 1-0

Konstantin Landa (RUS 2678) – Zoltan Almasi (HUN 2691) draw

Tiviakov Michele Godena

Sergey Tiviakov and Michele Godena

Round four standings:

1-4. Zoltan Almasi (HUN 2691), Konstantin Landa (RUS 2678), Pentala Harikrishna (IND 2668) and Vugar Gashimov (AZE 2663) 2.5; 5-8. Mihail Marin (ROM 2551), Hua Ni (CHN 2641), Sergey Tiviakov (NED 2643) and Viktor Korchnoi (SUI 2611) 2.0; 9-10. David Navara (CZE 2656) and Michele Godena (ITA 2535) 1.0

Tournament website

Magistral Ciudad de Pamplona, round 4

Francisco Vallejo Pons continues leading

ETCC 2007 Arrival Day 04

GM Jobava during the ETCC

Francisco Vallejo Pons continues leading Magistral Ciudad de Pamplona. After four rounds the Spanish GM is on top with 3,0/4, two wins and two draws. He is closely followed By Beliavsky with 2,5/4.

Round 4 saw only one decisive game. GM Baadur Jobava won with black against GM Khamrakulov. All other games finished draw and nothing changed at the top of the table. Here are the standings and the replayable games.


1 GM VALLEJO PONS, Francisco 2660 ESP 3,0

2 GM BELIAVSKY, Alexander G 2646 SLO 2½

3 GM WANG, Yue 2703 CHN 2

4 GM MOVSESIAN, Sergei 2670 SVK 2

5 GM JOBAVA, Baadur 2644 GEO 2

6 GM RODSHTEIN, Maxim 2615 ISR 2

7 GM KHAMRAKULOV, Ibragim S 2604 ESP 1½

8 GM SARGISSIAN, Gabriel 2673 ARM 1

5th Mediterranean Chess Championship

26th November to 4th December 2007 in Sousse, Tunisia

The 5th Mediterranean Men and Women Chess Championships is taking place on 26th November to 4th December 2007 in Sousse, Tunisia. Sousse is known as the site of a legendary 1967 Interzonal tournament. Men and women will participate in one joint tournament, chief organizer is Mr Latiri Tahar from Tunisian Chess Federation and rate of play is 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment per move for each player. GM Suat Atalik is defending his 2006 title, women champion IM Yelena Dembo is not playing.

Standings after round 4:

1-5. GM Atalik Suat 2599 TUR, IM Marzolo Cyril 2478 FRA, IM Esen Baris 2453 TUR, IM Doric Darko 2470 CRO and Krivokapic Marko 2349 MNE
6-13. FM Adnani Mokhlis 2263 MAR, IM Ezat Mohamed 2440 EGY, IM Hernando Rodrigo Jose Maria 2359 ESP, IM Estremera Panos Sergio 2400 ESP, WGM Sedina Elena 2358 ITA, WGM Milliet Sophie 2395 FRA, WIM Drljevic Ljilja 2270 MNE and IM Belouadah Saad 2305 ALG

Ljilja Drljevic square Atalik square

WIM Drljevic Ljilja and GM Atalik Suat

More information on the official website

Chess Club Alkaloid with full points at the European Club Cup

Tomsk-400 – Ural Sverdlovskaya draw

Acropolis Georgiev

GM Kiril Georgiev
with important victory for Alkaloid

Chess Club Alkaloid climbed to first position at the European Club Cup in Turkey after winning 2½:3½ against Keystone. The first board game between GM Ponomariov and GM Mamedyarov finished draw, while on board two GM Kiril Georgiev continiued his strong performance to clinch a victory with black against GM Onischuk. GM Efimenko got back the point for Keystone after a victory over GM Kozul. Board 5 win of GM Nedev over GM Baklan gave Alkaloid the final full match points.

Keystone – Alkaloid 2½:3½

GM Ponomariov Ruslan 2705 – GM Mamedyarov Shakhriyar 2752 ½ – ½

GM Onischuk Alexander 2674 – GM Georgiev Kiril 2649 0 – 1

GM Areshchenko Alexander 2638 – GM Volkov Sergey 2648 ½ – ½

GM Efimenko Zahar 2624 – GM Kozul Zdenko 2609 1 – 0

GM Baklan Vladimir 2639 – GM Nedev Trajce 2528 0 – 1

GM Vysochin Spartak 2524 – IM Colovic Aleksandar 2477 ½ – ½

Radjabov winner

GM Radjabov
with a draw for Ural Sverdlovskaya

The derby match of the day Tomsk-400 – Ural Sverdlovskaya saw 6 draws. It was an exciting match with two 2700+ encounters. Morozevich and Radjabov shook hands in an opposite color bishops game, while Jakovenko could not bring down Shirov in a Rook pawn endgame. With this draw Tomsk and Ural Sverdlovskaya fall to second place with 7 match points. Ural Sverdlovskaya is second on tiebreak with 19,5 game points, and Tomsk is third with 17,0 game points.

Tomsk-400 – Ural Sverdlovskaya 3 : 3

GM Morozevich Alexander 2755 – GM Radjabov Teimour 2742 ½ – ½

GM Jakovenko Dmitry 2710 – GM Shirov Alexei 2739 ½ – ½

GM Karjakin Sergey 2694 – GM Grischuk Alexander 2715 ½ – ½

GM Tkachiev Vladislav 2661 – GM Akopian Vladimir 2713 ½ – ½

GM Bologan Viktor 2657 – GM Malakhov Vladimir 2690 ½ – ½

GM Smirnov Pavel 2636 – GM Dreev Alexey 2607 ½ – ½

Ivanchuk square 4

GM Ivanchuk
draw for OSC Baden-Baden e.V.

OSC Baden-Baden e.V. tripped again, this time against Bosna Sarajevo. GM Ivanchuk and GM Svidler mada a top board draw, as well as GM Predojevic and GM Nielsen. Four decisive games, two wins for each team decided the outcome of the match.

What made the news for Baden-Baden though is that the World Champion Vishy Anand is in Turkey. He came today to the playing hall and is expected to make his appearance later in the competition.

Bosna Sarajevo – OSC Baden-Baden e.V. 3 : 3

GM Ivanchuk Vassily 2787 – GM Svidler Peter 2732 ½ – ½

GM Almasi Zoltan 2691 – GM Carlsen Magnus 2714 0 – 1

GM Movsesian Sergei 2670 – GM Bacrot Etienne 2695 1 – 0

GM Sokolov Ivan 2673 – GM Nisipeanu Liviu-Dieter 2668 0 – 1

GM Short Nigel D 2649 – GM Harikrishna P 2668 1 – 0

GM Predojevic Borki 2645 – GM Nielsen Peter Heine 2626 ½ – ½

Gata Kamsky 1

GM Gata Kamsky
om board 1 for Linex Magic – Merida

Linex Magic – Merida led by GM Gata Kamsky recovered a top 3 standings position with a fantastic win over the strong team of Gros Xake Taldea. Top five boards finished draw, and it was the last board that decided the outcome. IM Perez Candelario Manuel 2525 – GM Hamdouchi Hichem. IM Manuel Perez Candelario brought down GM Hichem Hamdouchi. With this win Linex Magic Merida gets the 4th place. They have the same match points and the same games won as Ashdod City Club, but a better Buchholz tie break separates them.

Linex Magic – Merida – Gros Xake Taldea 3½:2½

GM Kamsky Gata 2724 – GM Van Wely Loek 2680 ½ – ½

GM Adams Michael 2729 – GM Milov Vadim 2680 ½ – ½

GM Rublevsky Sergei 2676 – GM Zhang Pengxiang 2644 ½ – ½

GM Sargissian Gabriel 2673 – GM Istratescu Andrei 2631 ½ – ½

GM Cheparinov Ivan 2670 – GM Bauer Christian 2634 ½ – ½

IM Perez Candelario Manuel 2525 – GM Hamdouchi Hichem 2576 1 – 0


1 Alkaloid 8 MP 18,5 GP

2 Ural Sverdlovskaya 7 MP 19,5 GP

3 Tomsk-400 7 MP 17,0 GP

4 Linex Magic – Merida 7 MP 16,5 GP

5 Ashdod City Club 7 MP 16,5 GP

6 Keystone 6 MP 17,5 GP

7 Economist SGSEU-1 Saratov 6 MP 17,5 GP

8 OSC Baden-Baden e.V. 6 MP 17,0 GP

9 Chess Club Zeljeznicar Sarajevo 6 MP 17,0 GP

10 Clichy Echecs 92 6 MP 16,5 GP

11 Aquaprofit Chess Club Nagykanisza 6 MP 16,0 GP

12 Bosna Sarajevo 6 MP 15,5 GP

13 1. Novoborsky SK 6 MP 15,0 GP

14 Cannes Echecs 6 MP 14,0 GP

15 Vilnius Chess-Bridge club ”NSEL30” 6 MP 14,0 GP

16 Vesnianka Gran 6 MP 12,5 GP

17 Bank King Yerevan 5 MP 15,5 GP

18 Hamburger SK 5 MP 14,0 GP

19 Gros Xake Taldea 5 MP 13,5 GP

20 Sollentuna Chessclub 5 MP 12,0 GP

European Club Cup rounds 1-3

European Club Cup round 1

European Club Cup round 2

European Club Cup round 3

Biel 2007 – Round 4

Alexander Onischuk in wonderful shape, leading together with Carlsen

Finally a combative round at the main Biel 2007 tournament. For awhile it looked like all games will be decided but Judit Polgar successfully built a fortress against Teimour Radjabov’s pair of Bishops. Slightly unusual score for Radjabov so far – four draws after four games.

American Grandmaster Alexander Onischuk continues to impress as he won another sharp game, this time Botvinnik Semi-Slav against Loek Van Wely. Loek committed decisive mistake when he abandoned crucial e7 square with 23…Qd4. This leaves him knocked on the floor with only half a point.

Alexander Motylev Carlsen square

Alexander Motylev and Magnus Carlsen

Incredible blunder by Alexander Motylev in better position against Magnus Carlsen. With two extra pawns he left Bishop en-prise and immediately resigned. We understand he was in severe time trouble. Carlsen tried another aggressive Ruy Lopez with Black, and again run into problems.

It is not clear if Bu Xianghzi analysed 15…f5 at home or run for it over the board. Avrukh jumped on the opportunity, took the pawn and seized permanent initiative to take the game home. 15…g6 was decent enough.

Radjabov 2 square Alexander Grischuk 1

Teimour Radjabov and Alexander Grischuk

Yannick Pelletier probably missed intermediate 20. Bg4 and went a pawn down after this cute combination. With additional benefit of Bishop’s pair, everyone expected easy technical realization by Alexander Grischuk. He allowed some chances to his opponent, but eventually clinched the game after the combined play on both flanks.

Round 4 results:

Teimour Radjabov – Judit Polgar draw

Alexander Onischuk – Loek Van Wely 1 – 0

Alexander Motylev – Magnus Carlsen 0 – 1

Boris Avrukh – Bu Xiangzhi 1 – 0

Alexander Grischuk – Yannick Pelletier 1 – 0

Round 4 standings:

1-2. Magnus Carlsen (Norway 2710) and Alexander Onischuk (USA 2650) 3.0

3. Boris Avrukh (Israel 2645) 2.5

4-7. Alexander Motylev (Russia 2648), Judit Polgar (Hungary 2707), Teimour Radjabov (Azerbaijan 2746) and Alexander Grischuk (Russia 2726) 2.0

8-9. Yannick Pelletier (Switzerland 2583) and Bu Xianghzi (China 2685) 1.5

10. Loek Van Wely (Netherlands 2679) 0.5

Biel Round 3 report

Biel Round 5 report

Biel Round 6 report

Biel Round 8 report

Aerosvit Foros 2007

Karjakin, Shirov and Ivanchuk leading after four rounds

The 2nd Aerosvit tournament is taking place on June 18th-29th in Foros spa on Crimea, Ukraine. Similar to last year, the organizers have composed strong field with the average rating of 2695 elo. Rate of play is 120 minutes and 30 sec increment from move one, without time control.

Some of the players, like Alexei Shirov and Sergei Rublevsky, had one few days of rest after the exhausting candidate matches. While Shirov doesn’t seem to suffer from fatigue, he beat Rublevsky and Dominguez and lost to Van Wely, Rublevsky is taking it slowly by drawing couple of games. At the same time, fresh Peter Svidler is not displaying any fighting attitude, having quickly agreed on draws in all four rounds.

Alexey Shirov Leinier Dominguez

Alexei Shirov and Lenier Dominguez

Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu also arrived somewhat tired, after playing the Mtel Masters, he assisted Shirov in Elista matches. This costed him dropping equal position to Vassily Ivanchuk and succumbing against Pavel Eljanov. Another Mtel Masters participant, Krishnan Sasikiran is here. He started with a fine win against Ukranian-American Alexander Onischuk, but lost to Jakovenko in the next round.

Sasikiran Bulstrad Nicipeanu Portrait

Krishnan Sasikiran and Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu

Vassily Ivanchuk arrived after storming through Cuba to win his third consecutive Capablanca memorial. His counterpart from Havana, Lenier Dominguez, has been invited again to play in Foros. He has earned 16 rating points at the recently ended zonal championship and is only 5 points shy from joining the 2700 club. All Cuban eyes on him!

Ivanchuk square Karjakin suit

Vassily Ivanchuk and Sergey Karjakin

Fearless Dutch Loek Van Wely quickly recovered from two starting defeats and crushed Shirov and Jakovenko, both being beautiful games. Still, probably the best game so far was played by Sergey Karjakin, who sacrificed Knight out of clear sky to demolish Eljanov.

Round 4 standings:

1-3. Alexei Shirov (ESP 2699), Sergey Karjakin (UKR 2686) and Vassily Ivanchuk (UKR 2729) 2.5

4-10. Lenier Dominguez (CUB 2678), Peter Svidler (RUS 2736), Krishnan Sasikiran (IND 2690), Alexander Onischuk (USA 2663), Dmitry Jakovenko (RUS 2708), Pavel Eljanov (UKR 2686) and Loek Van Wely (NED 2674) 2.0

11. Sergei Rublevsky (RUS 2680) 1.5

12. Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu (ROM 2693) 1.0

Official website

Video interview with Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu at the Sofia airport

Topalov-Nisipeanu post mortem

Adams and Nisipeanu sharing autographs

Video interview with GM Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu after the Mtel Round 8

GM Lev Psakhis about Krishnan Sasikiran

Krishnan Sasikiran at the Mtel opening

Vassily Ivanchuk leading Capablanca Memorial

Ukrainian GM on the run after his third Capablanca trophy

The 42nd Capablanca Memorial started on Friday with defending champion Vassily Ivanchuk, three European and six Cuban Grandmasters participating. Ivanchuk gave himself a strong start by beating Peter Heine Nielsen, Jesus Nogueiras and Lazaro Bruzon Batista in the first three rounds. Finally, Azeri Vugar Gashimov held him off to a draw in the 4th round. Still, Ivanchuk has a full point lead ahead of the top Cuban player Lenier Dominguez Perez.

Ivanchuk Corus

GM Vassily Ivanchuk

Peter Heine Nielsen is recovering from the bad start, while Vugar Gashimov, Kamil Miton and Yuniesky Quezada Perez are in the middle of the table after drawing all four games.

Unlike the last year’s tournament, this edition is a round robin with 10 players. The average rating is 2617 and the tournament is 15th category. The parallel 9-round open tournament with 75 participants is taking place along the main event. After 4 rounds, GM Holden Hernandez Carmenates, IM Ramon Mateo, GM Frank De La Paz Perdomo and FM Sandro Pozo Vera are on top with 3.5 points each. Mexican Chess Open winners IM Fidel Corrales Jimenez and IM Manuel Leon Hoyos are currently with 2.5 points.

Manuel Hoyos

IM Manuel Leon Hoyos