Victor Ciocaltea Memorial

Three players shared first, IM Gergely Szabo declared winner on best tiebreak

The traditional Victor Ciocaltea Memorial was held from 23rd March to 2nd April in Bucharest, Romania. Twelve players took participation in the round robin tournament which was eligible for Grandmaster norms. Gergely-Andras-Gyula Szabo and Ioan-Cristian Chirila jumped on the opportunity and seized the norms after sharing the first place with 7,5 points from 11 rounds. GM Constantin Lupulescu collected the same amount of points to complete the Romanian domination in this tournament. IM Szabo was declared a winner on the best additional criteria.

Gergely Szabo sq

IM Gergely-Andras-Gyula Szabo

Final Standings:

1-3. IM Szabo Gergely-Andras-Gyula ROU 2506, GM Lupulescu Constantin ROU 2608 and IM Chirila Ioan-Cristian ROU 2485 – 7,5

4. IM Miron Lucian-Costin ROU 2442 – 6,5

5. GM Jianu Vlad-Cristian ROU 2544 – 6,0

6-7. GM Shishkin Vadim UKR 2493 and Abasov Nijat Azad Oglu AZE 2397 – 5,5

8. IM Haznedaroglu Kivanc TUR 2451 – 5,0

9-10. FM Roganovic Milos SRB 2475 and IM Erdogdu Mert TUR 2459 – 4,0

11-12. GM Murariu Andrei ROU 2490 and IM Burnoiu Nicolae-Costel ROU 2453 – 3,5