World Blindfold Chess Cup

Xiangzhi Bu wins

Xiangzhi Bu won the World Chess Blindfold Cup that took place from October 16th to 20th, 2007, in the Hotel Sheraton Bilbao. He won the matches against each of his opponents and left no question who the Chess Blindfold king is. Bu won a total of 21 points and left far behind him Sergei Karjakin 17, Magnus Carlsen 16, Judith Polgar 12, Veselin Topalov 9, and Pentala Harikrishna 6.

The World Blindfold Chess Cup was played according to a new pointing system. The players were awarded 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a lost game. According to the conventional system, Karjakin (+5 =2 -3) and Carlsen (+4 =4 -2) should be with the same points, but the new one puts Karjakin a point ahead.

World Blindfold Chess Cup Final Standings:

Xiangzhi Bu 21

Sergei Karjakin 17

Magnus Carlsen 16

Judith Polgar 12

Veselin Topalov 9

Pentala Harikrishna 6

Round 1: Tuesday, October 16th, 18:30h

Veselin Topalov 1-0 Judit Polgar

Pentala Harikrishna ½-½ Magnus Carlsen

Bu Xiangzhi 1-0 Sergey Karjakin

Round 2: Tuesday, October 16th, 19:30h

Judit Polgar 1-0 Veselin Topalov

Magnus Carlsen 1-0 Pentala Harikrishna

Sergey Karjakin ½-½ Bu Xiangzhi

Round 3: Wednesday, October 17th, 18:30h

Judit Polgar ½-½ Sergey Karjakin

Magnus Carlsen 0-1 Bu Xiangzhi

Veselin Topalov ½-½ Pentala Harikrishna

Round 4: Wednesday, October 17th, 19:30h

Sergey Karjakin 1-0 Judit Polgar

Bu Xiangzhi ½-½ Magnus Carlsen

Pentala Harikrishna 1-0 Veselin Topalov

Round 5: Thursday, October 18th, 18:30h

Pentala Harikrishna 0-1 Judit Polgar

Bu Xiangzhi 1-0 Veselin Topalov

Sergey Karjakin 0-1 Magnus Carlsen

Round 6: Thursday, October 18th, 19:30h

Judit Polgar ½-½ Pentala Harikrishna

Veselin Topalov ½-½ Bu Xiangzhi

Magnus Carlsen 0-1 Sergey Karjakin

Round 7: Friday, October 19th, 18:30h

Judit Polgar ½-½ Magnus Carlsen

Veselin Topalov 0-1 Sergey Karjakin

Pentala Harikrishna 0-1 Bu Xiangzhi

Round 8: Friday, October 19th, 19:30h

Magnus Carlsen 1-0 Judit Polgar

Sergey Karjakin 0-1 Veselin Topalov

Bu Xiangzhi 1-0 Pentala Harikrishna

Round 9: Saturday, October 20th, 18:30h

Bu Xiangzhi 1 – 0 Judit Polgar

Sergey Karjakin 1 – 0 Pentala Harikrishna

Magnus Carlsen 1 – 0 Veselin Topalov

Round 10: Saturday, October 20th, 19:30h

Judit Polgar 1 – 0 Bu Xiangzhi

Pentala Harikrishna 0-1 Sergey Karjakin

Veselin Topalov ½-½ Magnus Carlsen