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The bidding procedure for the World Chess Championship cycle has been officially uploaded on The bidding procedure is for a double round robin tournament or a knock out with the participants format announced a few days ago. Full details of the bidding procedure below.

As a result of the global financial crisis and after various discussions held with leading organisers around the world, two clear options are being proposed for a semi-final Candidates stage in September 2010. FIDE has decided to allow any interested parties to bid for the organization for one of the formats as defined below, that they prefer.
The first format option is eight players, double-round tournament. i.e. 14 games.
The second format option will be knockout matches of four games for the first and second round respectively and six games in the final match. i.e. 14 games for the two finalists.
The winner of either format of the semi-final Candidates Stage will be the challenger for the World Championship Match of twelve games to be played in September 2011.

Bidding procedure

FIDE has decided to open a bidding procedure whereby interested organisers may submit their bids for any part or both of the following two options:
Option A: Organisers may submit their proposals for organizing an 8-player double round tournament in September 2010. Organisers should also submit a bid for the World Championship Match in September 2011.
Option B: Organisers may submit their proposals for a series of knockout matches, as described above, in September 2010. Organisers should also submit a bid for the World Championship Match in September 2011.
Any bids are to clearly indicate:
– the conditions for the players and player’s teams,
– a minimum prize fund of 400,000 euros for the Candidates stage 2010 and a minimum prize fund of 1,000,000 euros for the World Championship Match 2011,
– the prizes mentioned above should be offered net of any applicable taxes,
– the contribution to FIDE (net of any taxes and not less than 20% of the prize money) plus other organisational costs including stipends and travel/accommodation of principals.
– the service charge to Global Chess (net of any taxes and not less than 5% of the prize money).
– quality level of accommodation and tournament halls.
Full regulations for each format will be drawn up by the FIDE World Championship Committee.
In all cases, FIDE is seeking for organisers who will submit a combined bid for both the semi-final Candidates stage 2010 and the World Championship Match 2011. Organisers with such a combined bid will be preferred.
FIDE reserves the right to reject any offer, however favourable, and may accept split offers only if sufficiently interesting and secure bids are submitted separately for the Candidates and World Championship Match. The bidding process will be opened on the 4th December 2008 and will close on the 4th February 2009.
FIDE requires a refundable deposit of 100,000 euros to be made by bidders and a non-refundable deposit of 5,000 euros to cover bidding and initial inspection costs. No bidder can propose a sponsor which shall be in conflict with the regulations of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
All bids shall be delivered in a sealed envelope to the FIDE Secretariat in Athens before the deadline of 4 February 2009, 13:00 GMT, post address: 9 Syggrou Ave., 11743 Athens – Greece.
When the deadline has expired, the FIDE President or his representative shall open the received envelopes in order to assess the bids. FIDE will inform any bidding parties of the results of the process by the end of February 2009.