World School Chess Championship

the chess event continues in Singapore

The 4th World Schools Chess Championships 2008 in Singapore continues. FIDE informs about the latest results, which are as follows:

U-17 Open: Jonathan Koh (SIN) 5/6, U-15 Open: Shen Chuan-Qi (SIN), Timothy Chan (SIN) 5/6, U-13 Open: Jorge Cori (PER) 5.5/6, U-11 Open: Sanal Vahap (TUR) 5.5/6, U-9 Open: Arjun Bharay (IND) 6/6, U-7 Open: Lee Qing-Aun (SIN), Jared Cubides Jorian Acosta (COL), Nathan Mar (SIN) 5/5

U-15 Girls: Cori T Deysi (PER) 5.5/6, U-13 Girls: Zerlene Cheng (SIN), Andrea Rueda Paula Rodriguez (COL), Anjana Krishna S (IND) 5/6, U-11 Girls: Aulia Medina Warda (INA) 6/6, U-9 Girls: Ivana Maria Furtado (IND) 6/6, Girls U-7: Muthyala Prathima Bansi (IND) 6/6.

More important perhaps for the organisers is the success of the event is also well satisfied with 258 young children from 24 countries coming together, for sure many whom are young talents, but what is most happy is that all clearly love chess passionately!

The 4th World Schools Chess Championship 2008, held from 23 to 31 July in Singapore, is organised by the Singapore Chess Federation and co-hosted by Teck Ghee Community Club.

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