World Youth Chess Championship

WYCC update after round 5

World Youth Chess Championship U18

After GM Ivan Popov could not conquer the U20 World Junior Championship in Armenia earlier this year, he is surely going to try it again here at the WYCC U18 in Antalya. GM Popov is leading the group with 4,5/5 . With the same points are IM Avetik Grigoryan, IM Roeland Pruijssers, and IM Tomasz Warakomski. They are closely followed by the young Mexican GM elect Manuel Leon Hoyos with 4,0/5. Tomorrow are the derby matches IM Avetik Grigoryan – GM Ivan Popov, IM Roeland Pruijssers – IM Tomasz Warakomski, and IM Ilja Berner – GM Manuel Leon Hoyos.

World Youth Chess Championship U18 girls

From all 12 groups only in this one we have a leader who is a point clear on top. This is WIM Mary Ann Gomes who is leading the WYCC U18 group with full 5,0/5.She is followed by WGM Anya Corke, WIM Katerina Nemcova, WIM Nargiz Umudova, WIM Betul Cemre Yildiz, WFM Aigerim Rysbayeva, Irina Andrenko, WIM Irina Ignacz, WFM Yulduz Harmalukova, and WFM Fiona Antoni – Steil, all of them with 4,0/5. The top seeded WFM Valentina Gunina is trailing at 23rd position with 3,0/5.


Chingiz Quasimov (Azerbaijan) is the leader of the U8 boy group of the World Youth Chess Championship. He has full 5,0/5 and is closely followed by Nguyen and Savenkov with 4,5. As we predicted earlier, Savenkov is one of the faorites for winning this group, having very strong performance this year in tournaments such as Morsko Konche. The first seeded Evgeny Shtembuliak is with 4,0, but in that age group such a difference cannot be considered important.

WYCC U8 girls

The U8 girls group is a copy of the U8 boys group. There is a clear leader with 5,0, Nguyen, followed by Meghna and Lesnic with 4,5. Nguyen is the sister of one of the leaders of the boys’ group. Both of them have Rp 1800+ and are for sure one of the hot talents in their age group.


Two are on the lead in the U10 group – Jan-Krzysztof Duda and Tong Sen Wang. While Duda was 19th seeded and fought hard for first position, Wang does not have international rating and yet he managed to get the full 5,0/5 with ease. The Chinese chess school seems to have produced another talent. Duda and Wang are closely followed by Prince, Vaibhab, and Mohineesh – all from India and all with 4,5.

WYCC U10 girls

A shared lead and a race between China and Russia – Anna Styazhkina and Yue Fan Guo are top of the table with full 5,0/5. The favorites of the group WFM Raja Jawahar Monisha and WFM Cecile Naussernot are with 4,0 and 2,5 points respectively at 7th and 44th position.


The World Youth Chess Championship U12 is having an exciting group. In round 4 there were 5 boys with full score. FM Illya Nyzhnyk proved one more time he is the strongest of the group after stopping the surprise Alexander Monev in an exciting game where he was down on material for a big part of the game. Daniel Naroditsky is the hope of USA for medal, as he shares the lead with Nyzhnyk, both with full points.

WYCC U12 girls

Marsel Efroimski is leading with 5,0/5 after achieving a victory only in 10 moves in round 5. She is half a point in front of the chasing pack Ziaziulkina, Vujnovic, Iwanow, and Eid. The derby game tomorrow is Efroimski – Vujnovic.

World Youth Chess Championship U14

This is the first group where seedings seem to reflect standings with 6 out of top 10 seeded in the lead. First is IM Sanan Sjugirov with full 5,0/5, followed by S.P. Sethuraman, FM Ray Robson, FM Ter Sahakyan, Chen Wang, and Vojtech Plat with 4,5/5. Ray Robson is the second hope for medals for the USA and as we are already used to seeing in this tournament the other places seem to be a fight between Russia, India, and China.

World Youth Chess Championship U14 girls

WFM Nazi Paikidze is showing why she has about 200 ELO more than her opponents in the U14 girls group and is leading with full 5,0/5. She is followed by Chardine Cheradee Camacho and WFM Nguyen (yes, you have already heard this name, and all of them are heading for the medals!) Tomorrow in the most interesting game Chardine Cheradee Camacho will have to play against WFM Nazi Paikidze, while WFM Nguyen will play against WFM Mery Arabidze

World Youth Chess Championship U16

This is the first group where we do not have a perfect score leader. Four youngsters are leading with 4,5/5 – FM David Recuero Guerra, Robert Hovhanissyan and the two Polish stars FM Leniart and Kacper Piorun. They are followed by 9 people with 4,0/5 among which the top seeded IM Ivan Salgado Lopez. There are many rounds to the end and this is for sure one of the most interesting groups.

World Youth Chess Championship U16 girls

A five way tie in the World Youth Chess Championship U16 girls group. Keti Tsatsalashvili, WFM Varvara Repina, WFM Nu Hong An Ton, Tinatin Beridze, and WFM Olga Girya are with 4,5/5. Nothing is decided here as the top 25 seeded are only 100 ELO poinst apart and most of them are with 3,5 or more points.