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10:00 CET

Welcome to the day 2 coverage of the World Women Chess Championship in Nalchik 2008 LIVE on After an exciting day yesterday with a very high number of decisive games, we will be looking forward to the action in the second day. On this page we will provide you LIVE updates from the playing hall and follow the events with photos, interviews, and videos.

10:15 CET

We start with the first official words from GM Humpy Koneru. On being asked if she feels a pressure as top seeded, she answered, “I think that in knockout system it is important to play round by round, without looking too much ahead”. This answer may seem familiar, as the top tennis star Anna Ivanovich is used to saying exactly the same thing.

It appears that Humpy will be have a default win in the next round because she gets paired with Georgians. “I don’t like the break because I would want to stay focused, without interrupting the flow. I love to play,” shared Koneru Humpy with the Chessdom team.

10:25 CET

Natalia Zhukova (UKR 2489) commented at the joint press conference, “- It was a surprise indeed, I was enjoying small positional and clock advantage. Rohoyan’s pieces were oddly positioned, I have never seen this before. Then, when we were left with two minutes each, something happened to me, I missed several opportunities to make a draw and ultimately lost the game. I think this was a psychological loss.”

Yesterday was indeed a day full of time trouble. You can check the comments about 15:00 CET yesterday in the live coverage for more details.

10:30 CET

There will be press conferences after the start of round 1 and immediately after each game of the top seeded players. We will inform you about them directly from the playing hall.

There will be many photos as well, some of yesterday’s photos in the day 1 gallery

10:45 CET

The world press has also started following closely the World Women Chess Championship in Nalchik. reports,

“Diamonds may be termed a woman’s ‘best friend’, but for the 64 women players who have qualified for the Women’s World Chess Championship, they will symbolize supremacy in world chess.

For the first time ever, the winner will literally be crowned champion with a gold Coronet studded with 46 diamonds and three large sapphires. ”

Press Trust of India comments on the WWCC 2008, “Grandmaster Koneru Humpy started her campaign in the World Women’s Chess Championship beating Yorsa Alaa El Din of Egypt in the first mini match of the first round here today.
The Indian ace, who started with black pieces, now needs a draw to secure her place in the last 16 stage. The withdrawal of Georgian players from the tournament means Humpy will get a bye in the second round. World junior girls’ champion D Harika also got off to a flier beating 2007 junior world champion Vera Nebolsina of Russia. Playing black in the opener, Harika too needs just a draw to advance to the next round.”

11:15 CET

In about 15 minutes we will bring you a very interesting breaking news. Stay tuned!

11:30 CET

In the past week the Chessdom team with the help of many contributors have been trying to collect information about the teams participants in the Chess Olympiad in Dresden 2008. Until now many teams from all continents have been listed, with Russia having a team over 2750.

However, the breaking news about the Olympiad comes from Hungary. Read the full news here

11:45 CET

Meanwhile the official site has changed the transmission system with a more reliable one and today we will be able to enjoy the games. Here on Chessdom you will get constant updates about their development. Games start in about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

12:00 CET

Currently we are receiving more than 100 photos from the Chessdom journalists in Nalchik – the city, the press conferences, the players… We will present you the most interesting in the next hour. If you want free high quality photos for your magazine, newspaper, or website, contact us

12:25 CET

The photos from the city of Nalchik are available at the Nalchik photo album. We will continue uploading views from the city during the day, a really beautiful place, very close to the highest peak in Europe, Mt. Elbrus.

12:45 CET

15 minutes are left to the start of the games. The players are heading towards the playing hall, while the arbiters are checking if everything is fine. Table 1 will be again for Solomons and Xu Yuhua. This time the representative of RSA will have the white pieces.

13:00 CET

1. d4 from Solomons and the games are on!

13:04 CET

At least 5 games opened with 1. Nf3. There is a balance between 1. d4 and 1. e4 in the other games.

13:05 CET

Anna Ushenina was presented with a cake with candles, flowers and champagne before the second round start. She is celebrating a birthday. Happy birthday from the Chessdom team!

anna ushenina

Anna Ushenina before the start of day 2

anna ushenina

… and the cake for her birthday

13:15 CET

15 minutes from the start of the games most players are crusing through the opening with pretty good speed. Yesterday there we multiple games with time trouble, probably due to the anxiety of the first day. Today there are more than 15 players that need a victory to get to the tiebreaks, so we will definitely see fighting chess.

13:30 CET

Natasha Bojkovic engaged into a psychological fight from the beginning. She has been thinking for 20 minutes on move 6. The draw yesterday surprised her and now she will be looking minimum for 1/2 points.

13:41 CET

Tatjana Kosintseva is also eager for victory. In a very open game she started an early h pawn advance on the kingside. Yet, the center might turn out to be the key in this game.


13:50 CET

In the next 15 minutes you will be able to see some fresh images from the Chessdom photographers in Nalchik. Enjoy!


Cmylite and Golubenko in their first moves

tania sachdev

Tania Sachdev is happy to be at the World Women Chess Championship

vera nebolsina

The World Junior Champion for 2007 Vera Nebolsina needs a victory today

Yorsa Alaa El Din

Yorsa Alaa El Din is enjoying her stay in Kabardino Balkaria and will try to show her best

14:01 CET

All the photos from the start of day 2 of the World Women Chess Championship in Nalchik will be available in the photo album

14:07 CET

Natasha Bojkovic finally moved her 6th move and pushed a pawn on b6 only to receive an immediate reply.

14:10 CET

Tonight the press conference will be with Hoang, Muzychuk, Tatiana Kosintseva, Harika Dronavali, Zhang Jilin and Katherina Rohonyan. If you have questions, please, drop them at our contact form.

14:25 CET

Elizabeth Paehtz needs a victory today, after Kadimova surprised her yesterday. Paehtz is blasting moves and has more than 1 hour and 15 minutes for only 30 minutes for her opponent at move 15.

14:35 CET

Humpy Koneru is launching a serious attack on the kingside. Alaa El Din seems to be in trouble. A photo from the game can be seen here

14:50 CET

A few minutes after the players shook hands. Humpy Koneru is the first player to advance to round 2 after 2 official games at the World Women Chess Championship in Nalchik.

15:00 CET

After repelling a brave attack from Mona Khaled, Yifan Hou is reorganizing and looking for a break on the kingside.

15:15 CET

Several games are heading to deep time trouble, most obvious with Natasha Bojkovic and Tania Sadchev.

15:35 CET

There is a room that writes “Anti-doping control” on the doors, but thus far we haven’t heard that any of the players has been subjected to the test.

15:46 CET

We are getting closer to the time control and there is only one game finished. This is a solid proof of the fighting chess that we see in round 1 of the World Women Chess Championship.

15:47 CET

Tatjana Kosintseva is heading towards a victory. She is a rook up. At the same time Solomons is putting up a good fight against Xu Yuhua, proving that her rating does not reflect her strength.

15:50 CET

Kosintseva, Tatjana (RUS) – Muminova, Nafisa (UZB) 1:0 and with a total score 2:0 Kosintseva is heading to round 2.

15:55 CET

Yifan Hou follows Kosintseva and Koneru in round 2 after two consecutive victories.

16:10 CET

Other results from the past ten minutes: Anna Muzychuk won her second game in a row against Maria Velcheva and goes to the next round with full points ; Tania Sachdev lost from Tan Zhongyi in a severe time trouble, final result for the match 1,5:0,5 for the Chinese player.

16:25 CET

Beautiful chess from Anzel Solomons! The player from RSA, rated 1895, managed to hold Xu Yuhua to a draw. The final score in the match is 1,5:0,5 for Xu Yuhua, but Solomons showed fantastic chess in both games.

16:30 CET

Bojkovic and Ju are with less than a minute for the next 15 moves! We saw that coming, but it is really severe time trouble for both and requires speed chess.

16:31 CET

Third Chinese player in round 2. Zhao Xue wins against Marisa Zuriel.

16:33 CET

The Ukranian Inna Gaponenko stops the Chinese advance. She defeated Zhang Jilin and with total score 1,5:0,5 goes to the next round. There she will play with the winner of Zhukova – Rohonyan.

16:35 CET

In only 10 minutes basically all the news about Chinese players came out. Shen Yang defeated Kachiani-Gersinska to advance with a score 1,5:0,5. She will meet Zhao Xue in the first Chinese clash.

16:40 CET

In the battle of the World Junior Champions IM Harika defeated WGM Nebolsina. In the next round IM Harika is paired with Muzychuk, a true chess derby!

16:45 CET

A real drama! Zhukova equalizes to Rohonyan! They exchanged a victory with black each and they will play tiebreak tomorrow. You can follow live the development on from 13:00 CET.

16:47 CET

Second draw of Socko and Foisor sends them to tiebreak as well. With just a few seconds on the clock Bojkovic and Ju agree on a draw and become the third tiebreak match of tomorrow.

16:50 CET

Second victory for Mongontuul against Rajlich and the Mongolian chess player goes to round 2. Can she be the surprise of the championship? In the next round she will meet Yifan Hou.

16:51 CET

Zhukova – Rohonyan seems to be the most unexpected tiebreak until now. The fact that Natalia Zhukova who occupies the 13 place in the FIDE rating lost to Katherine Rohonyan from the USA with the 52 place in the rating list was main surprise of the first game of the first round.
Despite her low mood Natalia shared her impressions of the game with the journalists. Specifically she said: “I was in the lead during the game and I had more time. My opponent’ s figures were spread all over the chess board. I have never seen such an arrangement before. Then something went wrong and I lost. I lost psychologically first of all. After the game I found many ways to end the game in a draw.”

16:59 CET

The chess player from Romania Sabina-Francesca Foisor celebrated her birthday on the second day of the Championship as well. The Organizing Committee of the Championship congratulated her on her 19 birthday with champagne and a cake with candles. Aslan Afaunov, the Chairman of the KBR State Committee on Physical Culture and Sport wished her success and happiness and presented her with a bouquet of red roses. In the presence of all those present singing “Happy Birthday” the young Romanian blew out all the candles from the first attempt. While doing it she probably thought of winning the World Championship. The time will show.


17:00 CET

The member of the Hungarian Olympic team Hoang Thanh Trang also advances after a draw with Arribas Robaina. The total score is 1,5:0,5.

17:10 CET

A second win by Nadezhda Kosintseva gives her the 2:0 victory against Nisha Mohota. Ruan Lufei advances with 1,5:0,5 after a draw in the second game against Zakurdjaeva.

17:15 CET

Elizabeth Paehtz brings another drama today! After the upset of yesterday, she equalizes against Kadimova. Many, many intesresting tiebreaks will be going on tomorrow at 13:00 CET.

17:20 CET

Games that currently are going on: Sanchez Castillo – Cramling, Pourkashiyan – Koteniuk, Cmilyte – Golubenko, Le Thanh Tu – Ushenina, Eva Moser – Mkrtchian.

17:30 CET

Cmilyte is through after a fighting draw with Golubenko. Cmilyte will have Nadezhda Kosintseva as a round 2 opponent.

17:35 CET

Kosteniuk is through after a difficult 2:0 against Pourkashiyan.

18:00 CET

The 70+ move thriller of Anna Ushenina still continues! Pia Cramling and Sanchez Castillo shook hands on the 54th move, Cramling is through with a total score 1,5:0,5.

18:05 CET

More day 2 photos are coming, stay tuned! After the Le Thanh Tu – Ushenina game is over you will be able to enjoy a large photo and video report. Until then we continue our live coverage from Nalchik!

18:15 CET

Anna Ushenina, the birthday girl, is the last to qualify from today after drawing her second round game.

anna gassik

Anna Gasik speaking with the arbiters
even though she was not paired she enjoyed her first days in Nalchik

pia cramling

Pia Cramling before the start of the second longest game of the day

Anna Zatonskih enjoys her trip to the Blue Lakes

August 30, 2008

One of the best US chess players and twofold Ukraine Champion Anna Zatonskih was the first among the Championship participants to get acquainted with the beauties of Kabardino-Balkaria. Anna got a couple days of rest because of her Georgian opponent’s refusal to participate. In the company of her husband and the coach Daniel Fridman she made a trip to the Blue Lakes, the deepest lakes in Russia.

-What are your impressions?

Anna: I have a lot of impressions. I like nature very much. Beautiful landscapes give me much pleasure. A very picturesque place, a lot of greenery, a wonderful gorge, a river. I think it is thousand years old. Great!

Daniel: We couldn’t help admiring the intricately snaking river stream. Nature really makes wonders! We were amazed by the tunnel in the rocky thickness. The beauty of the Blue Lakes is beyond any words. Anna even wanted to dive but we decided she’d better not to before the tournament.

- Now that you are here your prejudices concerning the situation in the Caucasus has probably vanished?

Anna: To tell you the truth I didn’t have any. We have a lot of acquaintances in Nalchik and we were aware of the situation from the first hand not from the Internet.

Daniel: In America as well people are usually warned against going to Mexico. But it doesn’t prevent lots of Americans from having their vacations there.

- What’s your opinion of the level the Championship has been organized? Please, be frank…

Anna: The organization is perfect, a very comfortable playing hall. But most of all I was struck by the opening ceremony! I was also present at the opening ceremony in the world championship in Moscow, which was also great. But unlike this event there were no national dances and amateur performances. I was especially amazed by the little boy’s performance during the official ceremony of drawing.

- The current Championship has acquired some political coloration. What do you think of it ?

Anna: It’s a pity that the Georgian chess-players have not arrived. But at the same time I don’t think that the Russian chess-players would go to Georgia under similar conditions.

- If Lanchava had arrived who would be the winner do you think?

Anna: My rating is much higher. Presumably, I had better chances, though I have to admit that she is a strong player as well. But anything could happen.

- You are a USA citizen. What is the situation with chess overseas?

Anna: The professional level of the players is, certainly, not the same as in Europe. However, they pay special attention to children’s chess. There is an opinion that chess contributes to the all-sided development of a child. Special research in this field showed that chess playing enhances academic abilities of a child.

Daniel: The situation in Germany where we live now is quite different: children’s chess is not so developed. At the same there are lots of leagues for the chess-players of various level. One can observe a chess boom there in connection with the coming World Chess Olympiad

- Anna, you have been playing chess since your childhood?

- Somewhere from the age of four or five.. My parents are chess-players. My father was very much eager to have a son to get him involved in the chess. Since I’m the only child in the family I had to start playing chess. I used to play with neighbor boys, later I joined the chess club. In fact I was going in for track and field events. But I had to drop it because of the appendectomy. So I made a choice in favor of chess. And my first success confirmed that I made the right choice.

- What is your attitude to the differentiation of men’s and women’s chess. From the ordinary point of view it is not reasonable enough since there is no direct physical opposition.

- Anna: It is a superficial vision of the problem . If fact long concentration of attention and psychic tension are very exhausting. You know that at times chess players may lose tens kilos during the game. So this requires good physical form. That is why many chess-players go in for sports.

- Thank you very much for the talk.

Stay tuned for minute by minute updates