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11:00 CET

Welcome to the live coverage of the final 16 of the World Women Chess Championship on! After the exciting tiebreak games yesterday, we fully know the remaining players for the 1/8 finals.


Svetlana Matveeva – Anna Ushenina

Hoang Than Trang – Humpy Koneru

Hou Yifan – Elena Sedina

Inna Gaponenko – Antoaneta Stefanova

Pia Cramling – Ruan Lufei

Harika Dronavalli – Lilit Mkrtchian

Shen Yang – Nadezhda Kosintseva

Alexandra Kosteniuk – Tatiana Kosintseva

11:15 CET

Stefanova, Sedina, Gaponenko, Dronavalli, and N. Kosintseva come after exhausting tiebreak. On the other hand Koneru and Kosteniuk were not paired in round 2. However, Koneru shared with the journalists that she did not like to have a free round, as it is disturbing her rhythm of play.

11:30 CET

Despite some of the surprising results in round 1 and round 2, the top players are still here. From the top 5 players, 3 continue the championship – Yifan Hou, Humpy Koneru, and Antoaneta Stefanova.

11:35 CET

Yifan Hou will play with Elena Sedina. Both players have not lost a game in the first two rounds. Similar is the situation of Koneru and Hoang Thanh Trang – all their games were with a positive score. Stefanova (no loss as well) will meet Gaponenko, who had a dramatic round 2 encounter with Rohonyan.

WWCC Hou Yifan - Sedina

Yifan Hou – Elena Sedina

11:45 CET

All photos from the first rounds can be found in the Chessdom photo gallery.

12:00 CET

Games start at 13:00 CET, stay tuned with the live reports, directly from the playing hall.

12:05 CET

While the players are heading towards the playing hall, make sure to check out the impressive list of participants for the European Club Cup that starts soon.

12:30 CET

Question: We would like to hear how the players reacted on the news that the tournament is held in Nalchik instead of Argentina as it had been planned before.

Claudia Amura (player from Argentina): I would prefer the championship to be in my homeland as then I would not have to fly anywhere. We were not against the candidature of Nalchik of course but for the next WWCC we would try to do our best to make it happen in Argentina.

Three years ago the Men’s World Championship was held in my country and everybody still says that it was one of the most fantastic tournaments in the history of chess. I am sure our guests for the WWCC would have had the same impressions!

Of course as everyone else just a month ago I had no clue about Nalchik. But I see that the organization here is brilliant. It was very difficult for the representatives of Latin America making this long trip to arrive here, but the people of Kabardino-Balkaria treat us very good and I am very thankful for their hospitality.

12:35 CET

The round two bulletin is available for download from the official website.

WWCC Chinese interview

Chinese players caught in journalist “ambush” upon returning from excursion

13:00 CET

Lilit Mkrtchian was the first to arrive to the playing hall. She thought she was White in today’s game! The arbiters had to explain her the system of color ruling. Her opponent Harika Dronavalli was cautious enough to double-check the colors with your journalist before going to sleep.

13:05 CET

The games have started, Harika, as usual, is few minutes late. Photos coming up soon!

WWCC Lilit and arbiter

Lilit Mkrtchian after the “lesson” about pairings and colors

WWCC Kosteniuk - Kosintseva

Alexandra Kosteniuk employing Ruy Lopez against Tatiana Kosintseva

13:30 CET

Svetlana Matveeva, hero of the second round, is playing cautiously with White against Ukrainian hope Anna Ushenina.

Svetlana Matveeva square

Svetlana Matveeva preparing for today’s game

13:45 CET

Elisabeth Paehtz is recovering from the cold she caught after exhausting matches in the first two rounds. She is in the lobby, accompanied by Anna Muzychuk and Viktorija Chmylite. Most of the players do not bother to change their flying tickets and prefer to spend few more days in Nalchik. Natasa Bojkovic left only yesterday and Zhang Jilin is still with the Chinese delegation in spite of being eliminated in the first round.

14:10 CET

Unprepared for today’s game, Lilit Mkrtchian opted for a solid Queen’s Gambit with Black pieces.

14:15 CET

New Your Times has a blog post about the World Women’s Championship

WWCC Lilit Mkrtchian

Lilit Mkrtchian accepted her mistake with a smile

14:40 CET

Kosteniuk has just offered a Knight sacrifice! Should Black accept, White will be able to unleash a tremendous attack. It’s not that Kosintseva has much of the choice as White already snatched a pawn on h5!

14:55 CET

Interesting Knight jump from Nadezda Kosintseva. She is trying to exploit White’s somewhat loosely placed pieces – Qc3, Bh4 and Nf2.

15:00 CET

Elena Sedina is spending lots of time, again. 13 moves have been played and she is left with less then 30 minutes on the clock.

15:20 CET

Hoang Than Trang – Humpy Koneru appears to be heading to a draw.

15:25 CET

Shen Yang’s 21. Ne4 might be starting a sequence of forced exchanges.

15:40 CET

Do not forget that the live commentary from Bilbao starts at 17:00 CET. You can check out the interviews with Carlsen, Aronian, and Topalov at yesterday’s video.

15:45 CET

IM Mkrtchian with only a minute on the clock for the next 15 move!

15:50 CET

We saw that coming, Hoang Thanh – Koneru draw.

16:00 CET

The players will survive the time trouble, but the effects of it are yet to be analyzed. Even though the position of Mkrtchian was a pawn down, it has not gone much worse in the past moves.

16:25 CET

Yifan Hou and Antoaneta Stefanova continue destroying the opposition at the World Women Chess Championship. Both won before the time control, proving the great form they are in.

WWCC Gaponenko-Stefanova

Inna Gaponenko – Antoaneta Stefanova

16:40 CET

Kosteniuk preferred transposition into a complicated endgame where she has three pawns against opponent’s piece. Black’s pieces seem to be well coordinated but it is not easy to start active operations with weak pawns seeking protection.

16:50 CET

IM Anna Ushenina scores important win with Black pieces! White position quickly collapsed after the tactical shot which earned Ushenina a pawn on the 23rd move.

17:05 CET

Harika Dronavalli is pressing hard to convert extra pawn into full point against Lilit Mkrtchian.

17:15 CET

Shen Yang and Nadezda Kosintseva have agreed to a draw after reaching an endgame with reduced material.

17:20 CET

More photos from today’s round added to the Chessdom gallery.

17:25 CET

Long time top female player Pia Cramling of Sweden wins the first game against Ruan Lufei of China.

17:35 CET

Lilit Mkrtchian managed to regain the pawn and is now very close to reach a draw.

17:40 CET

Dronavalli – Mkrtchian draw. Excellent result for Armenian player, having in mind that she mixed the colors and prepared to be White today!

17:45 CET

Meanwhile, Tatiana Kosintseva made another inaccuracy and allowed Kosteniuk to roll forward with her central pawns.

18:00 CET

Tatiana Kosintseva is defending a difficult endgame with only one minute on the clock! Still, we have an impression that Kosteniuk was not forced to allow pawn-chain breakup – perhaps 56. c4!? deserved attention?

18:10 CET

Alexandra Kosteniuk could not win the endgame with split pawns and the draw was agreed in the position that resembled the game of other Kosintseva – Nadezda.


Svetlana Matveeva – Anna Ushenina 0-1

Hoang Than Trang – Humpy Koneru draw

Hou Yifan – Elena Sedina 1-0

Inna Gaponenko – Antoaneta Stefanova 0-1

Pia Cramling – Ruan Lufei 1-0

Harika Dronavalli – Lilit Mkrtchian draw

Shen Yang – Nadezhda Kosintseva draw

Alexandra Kosteniuk – Tatiana Kosintseva draw

Round three, game two, is taking place on Friday at 7:00 EST/13:00 CET.

Thank you for following live coverage of the World Women Chess Championship! The action continues with LIVE commentary of Carlsen-Topalov from the Bilbao Final Masters.